Talking with Hillary Rubin about the Art of Becoming a Coach and being uniquely qualified.

I’m just coming down off a huge high after speaking at the amazing event Soulpreneurs in Brisbane this week with 3 other incredible women, who all happen to be ‘coaches’ as well.

On the night we were asked about certification.  And each of us on the panel had a different answer.

Some of us are qualified.
Some of us aren’t.

For myself, I have chosen the qualified route because I wanted some formal training with one of the profound tools I use: the Enneagram.  With that said, I began coaching without this certification.

There were skills I could draw on from my days as a netball coach, group fitness instructor and yoga teacher AND combine them with my own life experiences from motherhood, marriage, infidelity, divorce, loss, parenting, coming out, love, integrity, career change, entrepreneurship, and independence.

Had I not discovered the Enneagram and been so intensely interested in it that I spent $10k+ and 10 months on being certified, I definitely would of enrolled my myself quick-smart into “The Art of Becoming a Coach”, a 13 week program designed by Hillary Rubin (who I recently stayed with in LA for 3 days).

If you are wondering whether or not certification is for you…or maybe you have started coaching but haven’t quite nailed your coaching process/system, then this is for you. It’s such a pleasure today to be talking with Hillary about this program including why she created it, who’s it for and how she became a coach.  

Click play.

As mentioned in the video, Hillary is giving away several free resources such as the amazing COACHING TOOLKIT.  This kit will:

  • Help you determine if you need to get certified
  • Help you determine if becoming a coach is right for YOU
  • Clarify exactly what you need to do next to become a coach
  • Introduce you to a unique process for creating your own coaching system

To get your free coaching toolkit and see where you are uniquely qualified, click the image below. If you are interested in joining the The Art of Becoming a Coach please note that early bird enrolment begins on May 16th (Los Angeles, time) and is only open for one week.    


Hillary Rubin  is a Spiritual Life + Career Coach and creator of The Art of Becoming a Coach Training Program, and the The Living Wellness Kickstart System. She helps women all over the world create real, lasting change so they can their ultimate soul-fulfilling life with her Signature Breakthrough Programs. Hillary contributes to the Huffington Post and has been featured in the The Los Angeles Times, Origin Magazine, Yoga Journal and was named top 25 Women Entrepreneurs to Love in 2012 + and Entrepreneur to follow in 2013 on Twitter by

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