Video: School of the Modern Mystic now OPEN.

Belinda Davidson, an Australian Medical Intuitive and advocate of the White Light, is no stranger around here. In September 2012, Belinda Davidson was a guest teacher for my program Selfish for 27 days.  She spoke to us about chakra health and the power of the white light.  This conversation was so juicy, that I had to post a snippet on my blog.

Six months later, in March 2013, I chose Belinda to be featured in my HOT WOMEN TO WATCH monthly segment.  It was also around this time that I decided it was time to join Belinda’s mentorship program and work with her one-on-one longer term as I needed the extra support for this new phase of my life: embarking on the Cosmic Journey.

And today, Belinda is back again to celebrate the official opening of her latest creation: School of the Modern Mystic.

In the video below, we talk about:

  • what is a medical intuitive
  • what is the School of the Modern Mystic
  • why being psychic and intuitive is practical (not woo-woo!).
  • the dangerous impact of developing your psychic abilities without healing your first 7 chakras
  • the importance of the developing all 3 pillars: chakra health, channeling the white light and mindfulness
  • why I’ve chosen to work with Belinda

Click here to learn more about the School of the Modern Mystic. Remember, enrolment closes Saturday 13th July. And, if you haven’t already, click here to watch the five-part free training series to learn more about becoming a Modern Mystic.

As mentioned in the video, if you have any comments or questions, post them in the comments section or feel free to email me at and I would be delighted to help.
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6 Comments to “Video: School of the Modern Mystic now OPEN.”

  1. Susana, the combo of you and Belinda has convinced me to enrol…I’ve been teetering on the edge, and your bit at the end of the vid about curiosity got me! I just know I need to try this stuff out (even though my left brain thinks I’m abit nuts) See you on the inside! x

  2. Hi Susana!
    I’d already signed up to the School of the Modern Mystic before I saw this interview, but I wanted to tell you that it made me so excited to start! What you said about the ‘signs’ to get started really resonated with me. It’s so easy to write off ‘signs’ as coincidences and for some reason it’s really hard to accept that they are, actually, signs.
    But I’ve gone against my inner skeptic and am really excited to start Level 1.
    In the interview you said that things start to happen really quickly. Can you give me some kind of idea of what kind of things? Sorry if this gets too personal!

  3. Hi Susana and Belinda,
    I was literally teetering on the brink of enrolling in the School of The Modern Mystic course last July, but just came across this interview now (in late September). If only I had seen this before the enrollment cut-off, as this gave me a better sense of Belinda’s energy, and what I could expect, than any of the pre-training videos provided! I just hope there’s another intake next year :)

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