{Hot Women to Watch} Adele McConnell…Kitchen Goddess and Vegie Head Mama.

{Hot Women to Watch is a monthly feature where I put the spotlight on one beautiful soul whose work I’m appreciating and cheering on because something tells me this is just the beginning} 


She has cooked for George Calombaris from MasterChef Australia and has created 3 ebooks (number 4 is released this month) jam packed with recipe goodness.  Plus, her first published cookbook is due in March 2014. Not so long ago she was working with restaurants and cafes to integrate vegan food on their menus and now she’s bringing her down to earth, fun-loving wisdom to everyday people through her Intuitive Cooking Workshops all around Australia.

This months HOT WOMAN TO WATCH is Adele McConnell, a food extraordinaire and creator of VegieHead.com living in Melbourne, Australia.

The first time I met Adele I was really blown away with her strong yet feminine presence (and the amazing treats she dished up at an event I was speaking at!).  It was here I learnt just how passionate she is about food…and just how contagious her passion is!  She will turn you into a kitchen goddess before you know it. So lean in and learn a little more about this incredible woman.

Introducing Adele McConnell…


{Deep and Meaningful}
From breakdown to breakthrough, what was this moment for you?  The defining moment that changed e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g?
The moment when I realised that I was the true creator of my Universe. It was that moment, in the midst of despair, that made me change my perspective, and my life.I had suffered a loss, an ectopic pregnancy, and was in a very dark place. My body was damaged and my heart was broken. I was in hospital, in pain, and thought – “No. This will not break me. This will not stop me or slow me down.” During my recovery, we adopted Charlie, my dog, and Vegie Head began. I have never looked back.

What has been the most challenging thing to let go of so you could put yourself first (be it your health or your desires or your inner voice)?
My inner voice- of comparing myself to others. I would see the amazing things other authors and website owners had done, and didn’t know why I couldn’t be like that. Well, of course I can be like that-I can be anything I want! Once I let go of that limiting belief, the doors opened.

What books are you always telling people to read?
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and anything about business and marketing (I’m a marketing nerd)

What’s the best advice you’ve even been given in terms of love?
Its the same advice I give everyone- “If you can’t love yourself, how can anyone else?”

What are you currently obsessed with…and why?
Homemade Plaintain Chips. Holy Cow. I feel like I’m eating french fries- but i know they are super healthy and high in fibre- they are a fruit!

When do you most feel like a Goddess?
When I am at home, with the love of my man and my dogs….and of course, in the kitchen. Kitchen Goddess!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear: AUDACITY.
Never, ever give up, say no or take no for answer.

{Short and sweet}

I’m interested in…everyone I meet- we all have a story to share.

I believe…that everyone in this World is capable of incredible things, including me.

In my experience…eat (raw) dessert first!

2013…has been life changing.

To learn more about Adele visit her site: www.vegiehead.com.au

Also be sure to check out her upcoming events around Australia.
Adele Intuitive Cooking Workshops
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