soul medicine: five doses of wisdom to remind you what true fulfillment is all about.

Have you ever found yourself slipping back into chasing things ‘out there’?

Have you ever found yourself getting frustrated/disappointed/exhausted for not getting ‘there’ fast enough?

Have you ever found yourself questioning why you don’t ever seem to be making it ‘there’?

Have you ever arrived ‘there’ and it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies like you expected it to be?

If so, then it’s time for some soul medicine.

Take a couple of big breaths.
Minimise the distractions.
Center yourself.
Then take it in…


The ego’s vision of fulfillment is unattainable because it is dependent on external conditions that it ultimately can’t control. ~ Deepak Chopra


“People suffer when they pursue a life or chase a dream that doesn’t belong to them.” ~ Carolyn Myss


Constant racing for success creates habitual and unconscious goal-setting. We need to re-learn how to move toward our dreams — with the grace of trust, the grit of devotion, and the thrill of true presence. ~ Danielle Laporte


“In the process of coming into greater contact with our inner rhythm, listening to the call of the soul, and honouring the unfolding of our lives, we learn to trust that what’s best in our lives has little to do with the ego’s goal.” ~ Roxanne Howe-Murphy


When your inner dialogue is dominated by feelings of frustration, self-judgment, or fear, your ego is trying to take charge. When your desire to create something comes from a feeling of enthusiasm, inspiration, joy, and fullness within, then you are in touch with your true nature and the guidance that will help you create and experience fulfillment. ~ Deepak Chopra




Sunshine Coast | 28th September
TIME: 9am – 1pm
LOCATION: Coolum Beach
COST: $170.
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Brisbane | 6th October
TIME: 1pm – 5pm
LOCATION: TBC (inner city)
COST: $170.
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These GROUP IMMERSIONS are for women who are seeking more clarity, more focus, more connection, more expansion, more wholeness and more intuitive guidance in the realm of their life and their career.
These are intimate sessions created for only 8 – 10 ppl.
Bookings are first come, first served.
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