Hot Woman to Watch: Ezzie Spencer…whisperer of the sun, moon and stars.

{Hot Woman to Watch is a monthly feature where I put the spotlight on one powerful and soulful woman whose work I’m appreciating and cheering on because something tells me this is just the beginning.} 


She doesn’t work in calendar years like many of us do. Instead she works in sync with the rhythms of the planets and the stars.

Some would call her an astrologer but she prefers the term stargazing philosopher. Meanwhile, I love to call her a whisperer of the sun, moon and stars.  Working with Ezzie is like having your own personal interpreter of the cosmic heavens whose translations help you achieve holistic success and feminine productivity. She’s amazing at what she does.  And she’s such a playful spirit that you can’t help but feel uplifted after spending time with her.

And to top it off, she has a PhD in women’s wellbeing after sexual violence, has published and lectured on human rights and presented her work in Australian and International forums.

Introducing Ezzie Spencer from SydneyAustralia


{Lets begin with the deep and meaningful…}

From breakdown to breakthrough, what was this moment for you?  The defining moment that changed e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  

After a transformative injury at 22, I spent my twenties exploring various somatic and eventually alternative therapies whilst learning how to walk again, and trying to find meaning in what happened. That period certainly fuelled my journey and gave me the space for me to clarify my purpose in this life—to make a positive impact on women’s wellbeing.

What has been the most challenging thing to let go of so you could put yourself first (be it your health or your desires or your inner wisdom)?  And what helped you let it go?

Oh, the barriers to trusting my own intuition: what relationship is best, what financial or career decision would best support my journey, how should I best nourish my body today. Releasing these barriers was an evolutionary process. I spent years steeped in doctoral research on women’s wellbeing, and through this process, eventually found my own voice and rhythm.

I also find working with lunar rhythms—documenting my internal world in accordance with moon phases and moon sign—an extremely practical tool to connect with my own inner wisdom, and to reflect back my emotional patterns. We are surprisingly cyclical creatures.

What do you know to be true (in every cell of your being, without a doubt, no mistaking it kinda true)?

That there’s more to this whole life shindig than meets the eye. It’s weirder, better, and more extraordinary than the—or at least my—human mind can comprehend.

What books are you always telling people to read?

In Red Hot and Holy, Sera Beak cuts closer to the quick than most others on the spiritual bookshelves. If you’re interested in a discerning, courageous, experiential and poetic take on feminine divinity: read it now. {I absolutely agree with Ezzie!  Read this book now!}

For cosmic advice, I always recommend that aspiring astrologers start with Steven Forrest. His study of the art, and how it relates to the soul journey, is gentle, playful and smart.

When do you feel most powerful, free, alive & turned on?

Whirling on the dance floor. Playing inside a star chart.

What excites you most about 2014?

The transformative potential of this year. I know that some big changes are a-comin’ for me personally, and on a bigger scale also. April, in particular, is the month to watch from the perspective of releasing old structures that no longer serve.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear: ASTROLOGY?

Best kept secret! It is hiding in full view, lurking behind the horoscopes on your go-to website. Whole sky astrology is a complex, ancient system that facilitates deep insight, and has real application. I’m continually testing it, and am perpetually astonished by how much it can help.

{Now for the short and sweet…}

I’m interested in…how we all tick.

I believe…life is perfect.

I no longer…labour under the belief that I’m in control of everything. 

I desiremmm…I’m a Scorpio.

In my experiencethe sooner you accept an invitation for growth, the less you’ll suffer.


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  1. Sharon says:

    “The sooner you accept an invitation for growth, the less you’ll suffer.” That hits home for me. Thanks Susana and Ezzie

  2. Jen says:

    Ditto to Sharon’s (above comment) note.. before I saw her comment, I was texting and sharing this quote with a loved one. Thankyou, both.