Conversations with Isiah McKimmie from sex surrogacy to embracing the feminine.

Working in the world of LOVE SEX DESIRE is quite fascinating to say the least. I’m discovering some incredible people whose stories are blowing my world wide open.

One of these people is Isiah McKimmie. She’s a Love, Sex & Intimacy Consultant currently based in Melbourne, Australia, who’s been helping people transform their sex lives for the past 6 years.  She has studied in San Fransico at the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality and is currently doing her Masters in Sexology and Psychotherapy.  Not to mention she’s also a qualified Tantra Yoga Teacher and was once upon a time a sex surrogate.

It was actually Isiah’s past life as a sex surrogate that intrigued me the most about her.  I had recently watched the movie “The Sessions” with Helen Hunt (which I highly recommend you watch – a really interesting movie!) which is where I learnt about sex surrogacy. Until then I didn’t know this work in the world existed…and yet, something about this work feels familiar in my body and I can’t help but notice my intense curiosity around it.

So when Isiah said YES to being on the show I was excited! Her journey navigating the world of LOVE SEX DESIRE is intriguing and the way she’s helping so many people have better sex lives is astounding.

In this weeks episode you will hear us explore:

  • Isiah’s personal journey in becoming a love, sex and intimacy consultant from tantra and sex surrogacy.
  • Sex Surrogacy: What is it? Why it’s powerful work? And how is it different to prostitution?
  • The feminine and masculine and need for polarity
  • Why men get so confused and how we as women can help them
  • How sexuality is a doorway to all areas of our life
  • The positive impact of exploring your sex life and the relationship that matters the most
  • The practice that personally changed Isiah’s life and will also change yours
  • Isiah’s current growth edge in the realm of love, sex and desire

Click play below (42mins)

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Juicy Sexy Love with Isiah McKimmie

Now it’s your turn. Tell me in the comments below…

  • What was your biggest takeaway from this episode?
  • What is your current growth edge when it comes to love, sex or desire?

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Until next week,

Big Love



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