My experience and advice about the latest dating app, Tinder.

I was washing my hands in the bathroom when two women came in.  One of them just told her friend that she’d recently met someone.  The friend replied in excitement and was curious to know how and when. Before closing the door to the toilet cubicle her friend sheepishly replied, “Tinder”.

It was a familiar response. One I had heard quite a bit from some of my clients and from my friends.

Turns out lots of people are using Tinder these days (and lots of those people are having great sex!). But for some reason not everyone is quick to admit it. I think that’s because Tinder has quite the reputation for being a quick and easy pick up app, or better yet, a quick and easy booty call.

With that in mind, I was curious to know if Tinder was useful for something more than just sex. I wanted to know if Tinder was a possible portal for something more meaningful.

So I put the call out on my instagram account. I wanted to hear more stories.

Next thing you know, I was inundated with them, from both men and women.  Most of these stories were entertaining. Others were just plain shocking. But I’m happy to say that there were a few really cool stories that gave Tinder a little bit of hope…and a little bit of class.

It was because of those stories that I decided to do something I thought I’d never do: join Tinder.

In this episode I share with you:

  • what Tinder is and how it works
  • my first impressions and my overall experience (which is really positive!)
  • if it’s really possible to have something more meaningful with those you meet on Tinder?
  • why one date with one guy was all I needed
  • my advice for women on Tinder or are contemplating using it

Click play below (23mins)

Tell me in the comments below…

  • Do you rate Tinder? Would you recommend it?
  • Do you have any Tinder love stories to share?

Remember, if you have any burning questions about LOVE SEX DESIRE that you’d love answered in an upcoming episode, submit them HERE.

Until next week,

Big Love


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One Comment to “My experience and advice about the latest dating app, Tinder.”

  1. Great podcast! As always love your work! Didn’t know you single again but makes sense now.

    I was talked into trying Tinder and the first 2 people I met I went on 5 dates with each. The guy I really liked turned out not to be in the right place and I’m still seeing the other. I agree with setting your intentions. My other friends who are on it haven’t had the same success but I think I am in the right place and it’s a portal to bring in what I need

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