Exploring the 5 stages of sexuality.

This week I celebrated my 30th birthday and everyone was quick to welcome me to the dirty thirties!!

But what does “dirty thirty” really mean?

According to the urban dictionary (which is probably not a reliable source but it will do for now) says, “dirty thirty is the age at which single women without children realise that their biological clock is ticking, As a consequence they may lower their standards and increase their willingness to perform sexual acts as a matter of desperation in order to find a mate/sexual partner. They may also attempt to hook up with younger males as an attempt to elongate their youth. The expression almost always refers to women, as men are thought to always be in this state.”

Say what?!?!?!

I definitely won’t be joining the dirty thirty club. This phase is definitely NOT one of the phases or stages of my sexuality. And I’ve got a feeling it’s most likely not yours either.

So what are the stages of ones sexuality? And why is it important to know these stages?

Tune into today’s episode and find out.

Click play below (16mins)


The 5 Stages of Sexuality

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Until next week,

Big Love




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