3 signs you’re having a sexual awakening.

Between coaching sessions with my 1:1 clients, emails landing in my inbox and conversations with friends there have been some hot topics circulating this week.  These include the frustration with ones inability to orgasm, erection stamina (and the lack of), infidelity heartache, shame around sexual fantasies, dating dilemmas, twin flame relationships, body image criticisms from loved ones and sexual energy practices

For some, it was the first time expressing these deeper truths. And I feel truly blessed to be the one who has the honour of hearing them.  When it comes to LOVE SEX DESIRE, I know how important it is to have a safe non-judgmental space to express yourself authentically and openly.

Many of these people are experiencing what I call a “sexual awakening”, something I experienced myself 5 years ago.

In this episode I share:

  • what is a sexual awakening,
  • 3 signs you’re having a sexual awakening, and
  • where to start your sexual awakening journey

Click play below (12mins)


LOVE SEX DESIRE – The Awakening Series 

Tell me in the comments below…

  • what are some ways you can tell you’re experiencing a sexual awakening?

Remember, if you have any burning questions about LOVE SEX DESIRE that you’d love answered in an upcoming episode, submit them HERE.

Until next week,

Big Love


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