music playlists: the sexy, the sensual and the dirty.

“Mum, did you know that music and dance are the two most important things in the world? If we didn’t have them, people would die.” ~ Analiah, my daughter, aged 6.

After my dance parties, I always get asked 2 things:

1) When is the next one?

2) Can I have your music?

So today, I’m sharing 3 playlists so you can have your own dance party whenever you want.  These 3 themed playlists have their own distinct flavour. You’ll feel it the moment you listen to them.

Click on the links to access each playlist and be sure to follow them so you can be notified of when I add new songs. (Note: these playlists are created in Spotify)


LSD: Cheeky & Sexy

An energising playlist created to evoke the playful, sexy and flirty woman that you are.

cheeky and sexy

LSD: Slow & Sensual

A chilled playlist created to smooth out your edges and slow everything down.

slow and sensual

LSD: Dirty & Raw

A playlist with lots of explicit lyrics and dirty beats to unleash the wild uninhibited sexual woman that you are.dirty and raw


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2 Comments to “music playlists: the sexy, the sensual and the dirty.”

  1. Ah thanks babe! I like to think that I know A LOT of music…..however with each playlist you release I’m introduced to so so so much more that I would never have known about without you! Love it xx

  2. Hi Susana!
    Spotify isn’t available in India so I cannot even access the names of the songs in each playlist. Will you pretty please post them? Thanks a million!

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