Conversations with Shaney Marie, Founder of Orgasmic Hearts.

If I still had my HOT WOMAN TO WATCH segment, (which may very well become part of this LSD Podcast series now that I mention it) today’s guest would be on that list!

Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, today’s guest is the Founder of Orgasmic Hearts, a body of work dedicated to supporting women with the teachings of modern tantra sexuality. She is also a Dancing Eros facilitator holding erotic empowerment dance journeys for women and a practitioner of self-clearing and spiral methods.

Her name is Shaney Marie and she’s the kind of woman I recommend you get to know, especially if you want a radiant heart, manifesting womb and golden pussy (which you do!!).

In today’s interview you’ll hear:

  • what a day in the life of Shaney looks like, including her own personal embodiment practices
  • how to communicate from the heart
  • a powerful anchor point for relationships
  • dealing with the fear of being “too much” for your partner
  • advice about male sexuality that women need to know
  • practices for connecting to your heart, womb and pussy
  • what an erotically empowered woman looks like
  • signs that you are disconnected from your erotic essence
  • Shaney’s own LSD journey to date and what she’s currently leaning into

Shaney Marie

Click play below (55mins)

In the comments below, tell me:

What does being an erotically empowered woman mean to you?

Big Love


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