Are you afraid to be too sexy or too radiant?

Have you ever been afraid of being judged for being too sexy? Or too beautiful? Or too radiant?

Do you dim your light to avoid those kind of judgements and therefore, cut yourself off from accessing your full power?

What would happen if every woman fully claimed her sexual power and radiance?

According to today’s guest, Vanessa Florence, it would cause a revolution! And I totally agree.

Vanessa is the Creatress and Founder of Dancing Eros, conscious erotic dance journey’s for women focusing on the four female erotic archetypes. Some of you may recall her being featured as one of my HOT WOMEN TO WATCH back in 2013. This is Vanessa’s debut guest appearance here on the LOVE SEX DESIRE Podcast Series, and this episode is full to the brim with explicit language, wild laughter, profound insights and real honesty.

Tune in to hear us chat about:

  • the fear of being too sexy or too radiant and how to overcome it
  • healthy and unhealthy sexual expressions and dealing with others projections
  • what the “hot woman syndrome” is and why it’s holding every woman back
  • Dancing Eros is and the 4 female erotic archetypes
  • what Vanessa is currently exploring personally when it comes to LOVE SEX DESIRE

Vanessa Florence

This weeks episode has inspired me to introduce something new which I’m calling the THE LOVE SEX DESIRE DARE. One of my favourite games as a kid was definitely “Truth or Dare” and as the LSD Podcast Series already reveals a whole lotta truth, I feel it’s time we add the dare so we can really play together on our LOVE SEX DESIRE journey’s, no matter where we are in the world.


Share a photo on instagram (or in the comments below) flaunting your sexy, radiant self and tell me why you love seeing women flaunt their sexual power and full radiance. If using instagram be sure to tag #LSDdare @susanfrioni @dancingeros so we can see it!

Click play below (35mins)

Big Love


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