My current love list: Jade eggs, energy orgasms and Magic Mike.

When it comes to LOVE SEX DESIRE, I’m forever exploring and learning new things. Whilst I share the best of what I’m living and learning via the Podcast Series and in my newsletters, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a LOVE LIST download. So here’s one now. Enjoy!

1. Introducing a Jade Egg to my self-care practice. So delicious! Especially syncing it with…

2. Money Love, a 6 week online group program exclusive for 20 women where you’ll create an entirely new relationship with your money thanks to the Master Coaching, Teaching and Guidance of Lotus Kruse. Officially the BEST money program I’ve ever done.

3. This live {brief} demo of a Full body energy orgasm by Layla Martin. Seeing a woman gift this experience to another woman, and having it broadcasted over the inter webs, makes me one very happy woman. These kind of transmissions are so SACRED and so POWERFUL!! I love that it’s becoming more visible and accessible to a wider auidence. If you’ve never had a full body energy orgasm or you’ve never seen one, then you’re going to enjoy this little snippet.


4. The YouTube Channel of Adina Rivers, Creator of My Tiny Secrets. I absolutely adore her creative, playful and soulful educational videos on all things sacred sexuality and natural beauty.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.57.09 AM

4. Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent. In the past few months, my ovaries have been calling for my attention and it just so happened, that this book I loaned from a friend earlier this year, finally got devoured. For anyone wanting to deepen their relationship to their body and their “wild feminine”, this book is a great resource.


5. Spoken poetry to live music (and a saxophone!). HOLY HOTNESS! I suggest cranking it up loud and letting this magic have its way with your body and soul.

6. Yoni Steaming. Okay, I haven’t tired this one yet but I’m feeling the pull more than ever. Until then, I’m loving this awesome write up by IndigoMoon.

7. Magic Mike XXL. There is so much to LOVE about this film! The dancing, the music, the Kings & Queens, the healing, the art, the everything.  This is a super fun film worth watching at least once! And if you’ve ever been to my Sacred Dance Parties you’ll recognise a few tracks, like the Nine Inch Nails track from this scene…


Big Love



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3 Comments to “My current love list: Jade eggs, energy orgasms and Magic Mike.”

  1. What a nice surprise to find my Yoni Steam guide included on your love list! And along with my all-time favorite book: Wild Feminine – that book changed my life. And it was absolutely beautiful to discover live demo by Layla Martin. Such a sacred and powerful thing indeed. xx Indigomoon

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