How to navigate transitions and endings with Tahlee Rouillon.


Sometimes they’re expected.
Other times they’re abrupt and surprising.

Sometimes they’re swift and easy.
Other times they’re challenging and painful.

Over the years I’ve had my fair share of transitions and endings, especially when it comes to relationships. I’ve navigated marriage, motherhood, step-parenting, divorce, co-parenting and same-sex relationships…and that was just my twenties!

As I enter my thirties, I’m noticing that transitions and changes have a very different feel. They’re less dramatic, turbulent, confusing and distressing. I feel better equipped to deal with transitions and change, and more importantly instigate them for the benefit of my soul desires.

On today’s episode of the LOVE SEX DESIRE PODCAST I’ve invited a special guest to join me to discuss how one navigates transitions and endings, gently.

Her name is Tahlee Rouillon and she’s a music composer extraordinaire at Sonesence offering peace seekers an easy way to achieve calm with a sonic shortcut called meditones. After going through many difficult changes herself, divorce being one of them, Tahlee created The Gentle Transition for other sensitive souls struggling with change.

Tahlee is also the goddess who created my Instant Body-Soul Connection meditation AND the intro/outro tunes for the podcast. I’m a huge fan of her incredible work and a proud partner.


In this episode we discuss:

  • how to navigate transitions and endings, especially divorce and breakups
  • why self-soothing is vital to your nervous system
  • the importance of a spiritual support team
  • ways to reclaim your power and return to the Divine Feminine

Click play below (54mins)


Big Love


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3 Comments to “How to navigate transitions and endings with Tahlee Rouillon.”

  1. What a beautiful podcast Susana! Loved listening to your conversation with Tahlee, it was so inspiring and I am also going to investigate Lomilomi massage, sounds divine.

  2. Hey beautiful lady – loved the podcast! In it you mentioned a certain kind of massage. What was it called and where can you find a practitioner?

    • I just put a call out on my facebook page – keep an eye if anyone posts. It’s called Lomi Lomi. Do a google and see what comes up in your area. x

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