Do this when you need to do a check-in with where you are.

Everyone needs to hit the pause button from time to time and do a check-in. The kind of check-in that celebrates how far you’ve travelled, where you are right now and where you intend on going.

Personally, I do my check-ins all the time. I have daily check-ins, weekly check-in’s, New Moon check-ins (although my new moon check-ins happen at Sunrise with a few other women and feel more like a ritual than a simple check-in), quarterly check-ins and end of year check-ins. What can I say – I like to stay focused AND I love to celebrate the progress!!

Seeing today is the 1st April and, therefore, the end of the first three months for 2016, I wanted to walk you through my quarterly check-in. So grab a journal and a pen, then click play above and listen to today’s podcast episode.

Click play below (11mins)

Big Love


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