Calling in a lover w/ Vienda Maria.

Do you know how to consciously call in a lover? One that is aligned with your deepest soul desires? Well, today I have the gorgeous Vienda Maria joining me today on the podcast to delve into this very topic and several others.

Vienda is a writer and mentor who teaches free-spirited women who want to do great things in the world, how to have freedom in life and work. She’s written four eBooks and has been featured in three other books, including best-seller Adventures in Manifesting: Love & Oneness. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Vienda for the past five years and am excited to introduce her to you all. She’s a gentle soul with a gypsy spirit, a wild heart and an ongoing romance with astrology.

vienda maria 2

In this episode, we explore:

  • what Vienda is currently exploring in the realm of LOVE SEX DESIRE
  • questioning conventional relationships and creating your own successful version
  • the value of being consciously single
  • how to call in a new lover {when you’re ready for one}
  • tips for navigating the dating world
  • the keys to creating a thriving relationship
  • how to explore your own sexuality without relying on a lover

Click play below (52mins)

Items mentioned in this episode:

Opening Up: A guide to creating and sustaining open relationships

Ostara Tarot App

Enjoy beauties!


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