What {some} men crave w/ John Wineland.

Recently I shared a video on facebook called What Men Crave. It was a 10 min talk delivered at a live event to a group of powerful coaches. It was potent and landed right in my heart {as it did for many other women too}. What I personally loved about the video, is that it articulated many of my own discoveries when it comes to thriving partnerships and bringing out the best in a man.

This video has now been viewed nearly 40,000 times and I’m super thrilled to have the man who delivered that talk join me today. His name is John Wineland and he’s a LA based men’s group facilitator, speaker, and teacher guiding both men and women in the realms of life purpose, relational communication, sexual intimacy and embodiment.

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In this episode, we explore:

  • how women can evoke a man’s leadership qualities
  • the importance of trusting your man and how to clearly demonstrate it
  • the common complaints men have that women need to know about
  • how to artfully express yourself without emasculating a man
  • what ignited John’s journey to doing this work in the world
  • why the same skills that help women succeed in business repel men in partnership
  • why sacred dance is so transformative for women
  • how a man’s value is shifting in regards to the feminine
  • our childhood core wounds and how we re-create these patterns in partnership

Click play below (1hr)

Enjoy beauties!

Big Love

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One Comment to “What {some} men crave w/ John Wineland.”

  1. I really enjoyed John’s talk and this interview, thanks Susana. I am certainly on my journey of trying to be more feminine and to be honest the balance is really hard and I am struggling. I am very independent and outspoken (maybe you noticed?! haha) Having to be surrounded/ saturated in masculine everyday for work, having to get my ideas across etc. Then also having my own side projects where I have to be very action orientated and masculine.

    I find it super challenging then to switch when I am standing with a man (when I get the rare chance) and be in my divine feminine, it’s actually really, really hard and frustrating. Why can’t I get it right, damn it!! Aren’t I supposed to be feminine without effort??!! I am, in fact, a woman after all!!

    In my last encounter I realised I had been leading the kiss. And while I had thought I had done everything right, I blew it with the kiss. Energetically I was not receiving, I was controlling. I had been acutely aware to let him lead everything else; conversation topics, drinks.. deciding the next stop… then. BOOM. The kiss. Oh well, I guess I will know for next time.

    The journey continues.

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