Calling in your light and dancing with your darkness w/ Carly Stephan.

Relationships are our greatest teachers. They have a magical way of exposing our deepest wounds all for the purpose of hoping we remember our wholeness. This journey of separation to wholeness involves calling in the light AND dancing with the darkness. Both are EQUALLY important.

Today, I have a special guest sharing her own personal journey of calling in her light and dancing with her darkness. For her, this included getting real about her codependency patterns, abandonment wounding, and people pleasing tendencies {something we can all relate to}. She’s also had to own her mystic ways and empathic nature so she could embody her soul’s work and be a vibrational match for her Beloved.

carly stephan

Today’s guest is Carly Stephan and she’s a mentor and coach to women committed to living in their fully exalted, goddess state here on earth.

If you’ve been with me before my LOVE SEX DESIRE evolution then you might recognise Carly from a few years back when I featured her as one of my HOT WOMEN TO WATCH back in June 2013 {I have a thing for spotting talent and potential}. A lot has transformed for this beautiful woman in those 3 years and I’m so grateful to be featuring her again, this time on the podcast series, so you can all enjoy one of our usual deep and revealing chats about life, love and embodying our soul.

In this episode we discuss:

  • what it means to go “deeper within”
  • overcoming comparisonitis, external validation, and people’s approval
  • how to identify, explore and integrate your shadow aspects
  • healing the codependent and abandonment wounds
  • embarking on the path of radical self-acceptance
  • how to call in your Beloved
  • Carly’s 3 favourite feminine practices

items mentioned in this episode:

The Fulfilled Feminine Formula

Devi Prayer

The Folk of the Faraway Tree {trilogy}

Big Love


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