Embracing your sensualist archetype w/ Sarah K Jones.

Every woman is a sensualist {just like every woman is a healer in her own right}. If you haven’t yet discovered the Sensualist in your life, then know that she definitely exists within you and is waiting patiently {or not so patiently} for you to invite her to come out and play.

To help you learn more about your inner Sensualist and how she can change your life {for the better}, I invited my dear friend Sarah K Jones to join me on today’s episode.

Sarah is a soul mentor and the Creatrix of the Healing Archetypes – a unique typing system for healers, coaches and wellness practitioners to galvanise their soul purpose and harness their healing brilliance.  Formerly a spiritual healer and intuitive reader for over 13 years, Sarah’s work is born from on-the-ground experience of both successes and overcoming the challenges of running a heart-centered practitioner business.

sarah k jones

In this episode, we discuss:

  • what is the Sensualist archetype
  • the first simple step to activating your Sensualist
  • how to identify the shadow aspects of the Sensualist
  • how the Sensualist can support you in sinking deeper into your embodiment and erotic empowerment.
  • Sarah’s personal journey with the Sensualist
  • the pre-requisite required for your Sensualist to come out and play
  • the key to sustaining attraction with a lover

Click play to listen {55mins}

Big Love

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