How to rediscover your sexual self after motherhood.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Mama Camp and facilitating a special Sacred Dance Party for 150 mama bears. It was an epic experience! In fact, one mother said, “The Sacred Dance Party was out of this world amazing!”

But I didn’t just go there to do my thing and leave. This was a special weekend for them and I wanted to make sure I brought my A-game, which is why I spent a lot of time connecting with all these beautiful mama’s so I could learn more about them.

One thing became evident very quickly: these mama’s did NOT have the sex life they deeply desired.

In fact, many of the stories I heard were very similar to my own.

They craved intimacy more than they craved sex.
They wanted to know how to bring that passion back to their marriage.
They wanted to know why they were feeling attracted to other men, instead of their husband.
They wanted to know how to get their sexy mojo back.

These conversations have inspired today’s podcast episode where I share what a woman must do first when rediscovering her sexual self now that she’s a mother.

Click play to listen {15mins}

Big Love
Susana XO

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