4 things I’m currently learning about pleasure.


It’s about time we had a wild love affair like never before. 

Love S xo

I wrote these words on my facebook page back in December 2016. I had been sitting in my visions for 2017 when Goddess Aphrodite made it very clear to me that it was time for her and I to play {once again}.

In case you don’t know who Aphrodite is, she’s the Greek Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. I’ve had an affinity with her ever since I was a young girl. I’m guessing I discovered her when I discovered astrology and my star sign {Libra}.

Anyway, she might be the Goddess who instigated my wild love affair with pleasure but she’s not the topic of conversation on today’s podcast episode. Instead, I’m sharing:

  • Why pleasure is taking a leading role in my life this year
  • What pleasure looks like for me
  • 4 things pleasure has taught me this summer

Click play to listen {10mins}

Big Love

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