8 ways to help your partner give you the sex you want.

Recently, I received a message from one of my listeners. Except this particular listener was a man {which is obviously not my target market}.

He listens to my podcast so he can better understand his wife and essentially be the best lover he can be for both his pleasure and her pleasure. {#nowthatsakeeper}

But as a result of learning more about women and all things LOVE SEX DESIRE he also started to learn some new things about himself and had one burning question for me…which I happily answered.

In this episode, you’re going to hear what his question is. But that’s not the focus.

I’m going to share his story with you and, more importantly, I’m going pull it apart so I can highlight the 8 ways you can start helping your partner give you the sex you want. 

Click play to listen {16mins}

If you know someone who would benefit from hearing this episode be sure to share it with them because life is better when you’re sexually fulfilled!

Big Love

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