Acting out & growing up w/ Amanda Vella.

One thing I know for sure is that relationships will forever be a container for some of the deepest healings and the most profound transformations we’ll ever experience. Because of this, I deeply appreciate anyone willing to reveal their own struggles when it comes to relationships, and how they overcame them…especially on a public platform.

One of these people is today’s special guest, Amanda Vella. She’s a writer, teacher, doula and Founder of Illuminate Yoga studio in Sydney where she lives with her two daughters.

Amanda has been on an epic journey of transformation ever since she decided to live a life that is fully aligned with her truth. Yoga, meditation and writing {plus having an amazing community around her} have been some of her lifesaving tools.



In this episode we discuss:

  • why attachment parenting may be destroying your relationship/marriage
  • what it means to stop acting out and grow up
  • how to navigate confusion and conflict
  • letting go of perfection
  • the importance of cultivating solid relationships with other women

Click play to listen {1hr 10mins}

Big Love

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