How aligning with the moon cycle changed Dr. Ezzie Spencer’s life.

I’m obsessed with discovering how people create change in their life.

Not superficial changes.
But real, deep, positive and sustainable changes.
The kind of changes that result in someone living in alignment with their true nature and, therefore, manifesting their true gifts out in the world.

There are a number of tools and practices available to help people create these kinds of changes, and in today’s LOVE SEX DESIRE podcast episode, we’re going to explore ONE of these practices created by one of my favourite human beings in the world, Dr. Ezzie Spencer.

Ezzie Spencer is a published author, book mentor, speaker and creator of Lunar Abundance®, a practice based on the moon cycle helping thousands of women across the world embody a new way of living in the flow and creating a life they love.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • what 3 things Ezzie is celebrating in her life right now
  • the importance of cultivating real life connections and community
  • what the Lunar practice is and how it changed Ezzie’s life
  • how working with the moon cycle can benefit your life and creativity
  • reconnecting with your body and celebrating your menstrual cycle
  • why integrating both Yin and Yang modes of operating is essential for inner balance
  • what Ezzie is currently exploring in the realms of love, sex and desire
  • 3 simple ways you can evoke pleasure in your body

Click play to listen {49mins}

items mentioned in this episode

An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the cycles of the moon

Big Love


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