Season 4 begins! Are you prioritising or pursuing pleasure?

Welcome back to another season of LOVE SEX DESIRE. I have 13 NEW episodes coming your way. Most of them are going to focus primarily on sex. Sexual chemistry, sexual compatibility, sexual confidence, sexual curiosities, sex after baby, sex after trauma, sex after a break-up etc.


Because that’s what you’ve asked for!

These episodes are inspired by the insights and suggestions you submitted from the survey I put together at the end of Season 3. They’re also inspired by the ongoing questions you submit on my contact page and the themes that emerge in my private coaching sessions with clients.

Today’s episode, however, is inspired by my own personal journey.  The journey I’ve been embarking on since December 2016: my wild love affair with pleasure.

Overall, this experience has been a deeply nourishing one.
Except for this one time.
When the difference between prioritising pleasure and pursuing pleasure was clearly illuminated.

I’m sharing all of that and more so you can discern what pleasure path you’re currently walking, and make any necessary changes…for the better.

Click play to listen {12mins}

So tell me, which path have you been walking? Have you been prioritising pleasure? Or have you been pursuing pleasure? And if it’s the latter, what are you going to do differently?

Big Love


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