How to have conversations that facilitate healing & growth w/ Dave McDermott.

Today’s special guest is masculine empowerment coach Dave McDermott. He introduced himself to me earlier this year but it wasn’t until he started posting some revealing and insightful posts on Facebook such as The Joy of Anal Pleasure, Don’t feel guilty about your attraction to other women, and The Best Sex Conversation Ever that I decided to dig a little deeper.

I quickly learned that Dave is an open book and has been through one hell of a transformation.

His journey includes facing the immense shame he carried around his sexuality, his neediness around women he was attracted to, and the frustrations around not doing something in the world that really lit him up. He’s also had to face his own sadness at growing up without a natural sexual development, being severely bullied in his adolescent years, and feeling a strong loneliness throughout his life.

Dave now lives a very purposeful life, has an amazing partner {who also works in the field of relationships and sexuality} and is deeply committed to making a difference by helping other men get their shit together {’cause we want our men getting their shit together, right?!}

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • the origins of Dave’s sexual repression and how he freed himself
  • the best way you can help your partner heal their sexuality
  • how to date men more effectively
  • why having a monthly sex check-in with your lover works
  • the exact questions that lead to effective conversations

Click play to listen {40mins}

After you’ve listened to this episode, I invite you to start a powerful conversation with your partner using at least one of the strategies we discussed. If you don’t currently have a partner, then use some of the questions we mentioned as a self-reflection exercise.

Remember, you can only be intimate with another to the degree that you are intimate with yourself.

Big Love


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