Life purpose vs Soul purpose w/ Belinda Davidson {part one}


“I call the sensitive amongst us the modern mystics. We are the intuitives, the empaths, the mediums, and the seers; we are the healers, the shamans, the witches, and the lightworkers. We are the ones born with feet in both worlds, and the ones who often suffer because we don’t know how to live and navigate between these worlds.” ~ Belinda Davidson, Author of From Dark to Light

If you’re here playing in my LOVE SEX DESIRE world, then you’re most likely a modern mystic; a very sexy modern mystic. In which case, today’s podcast episode is dedicated to you.

Belinda Davidson is an international speaker, best-selling author and modern mystic dedicated to helping people change their energy and heal their lives.

Born extrasensory and very psychic, Belinda spent 20 years working as a medical intuitive and coach. Among her clients were doctors, celebrities, CEO’s, and well-known business leaders. She now travels the world extensively offering courses, workshops, and healings.

Belinda has also been one of my greatest mentors; the woman who taught me energy work and helped me access my cosmic chakras so I could activate my soul purpose. She is one of the key reasons I do what I do here with all things LOVE SEX DESIRE and SACRED DANCE.

Today, we’re celebrating the release of Belinda’s first book, From Dark to Light: A modern mystic’s guide to healing the shadow and embracing the light. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • what it means to journey from dark to light
  • why life purpose and soul purpose are two different things
  • why there’s one destiny you cannot change
  • the importance of healing your past
  • what it means to raise your vibrations

Click here to listen {35mins}

items mentioned in this episode:

From Dark to Light by Belinda Davidson


Big Love

PS, You can listen to part two here.

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