Embodiment, shadow work & the White Light w/ Belinda Davidson {part two}

After I released last weeks interview with Belinda Davidson, we realised how much we left you all hanging and decided to record another interview.

If you haven’t already noticed,  Belinda is the kind of woman I can speak to for hours. She’s also the kind of woman I want you {my LOVE SEX DESIRE community} to learn from, especially when it comes to spirituality, soulful living, healing and embodying the modern mystic.

I’m honoured to have her back for part two as we dive deeper into all things embodiment, shadow work, and the White Light.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • how to deal with the rising shadow
  • why raising your vibration is only half of the equation
  • how to work with the 2 main energy flow systems
  • what happens when you die
  • why this spiritual journey is so brutal at times
  • why working with the White Light is one of the fastest {and safest} tools for healing and transformation

Click play to listen {35mins}

Items mentioned in this episode:

From Dark to Light by Belinda Davidson

I hope you enjoyed this episode!

Big Love

Susana XO

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