Conscious celibacy: the best way to deal with a breakup.

There’s a time to openly explore your sexuality with others and there’s a time to consciously close those doors and keep it for yourself. In my experience, the best time to close those doors is after a breakup. I call this conscious celibacy.

Now, it’s important to note that conscious celibacy is not the same things as not getting laid. There are a lot of people out there who wish they were having sex but aren’t. Maybe you’re one of them?!

Or maybe you’ve recently experienced a breakup and would very much love to let go of the ex, heal any past hurts, reclaim your power, amplify your new desires and expand into your greatness, sooner rather than later.

In that case, this episode is for you.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • what I mean by conscious celibacy
  • 3 key reasons for choosing it as a practice
  • the benefits for each of those reasons, and
  • my personal experiences with conscious celibacy

Click play to listen {16mins}

Questions for you to contemplate:

Have you practiced conscious celibacy before? If so, what was your experience?

Is it time you tried it? If so, which purpose speaks to you most?

Feel free to share your answers with me via email or on social media @susanafrioni

‘Til next time!

Big Love

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