Sacred Dance: learn about the seven stages to each journey.

Not knowing what you’re getting yourself into can be: a) exciting and a total turn or, or b) freaking terrifying and a total turn off.

With that in mind, I want to share with you what {usually} happens at my Sacred Dance events.

There are three main parts to a live event:

  1. The opening: grounding, theme discussion, intention setting, sacred dance teachings etc.
  2. The dance: a 90min guided dance journey set to a curated playlist.
  3. The closing: integration, debrief, completion and what’s next.

For the Sacred Dance journey, I’ll be guiding you through seven transformative phases:

  1. Awaken
  2. Play
  3. Purge
  4. Surrender
  5. Remember
  6. Rise
  7. Anchor

You can learn about them more below.

Phase 1: AWAKEN

The first phase of the Sacred Dance journey is all about feeling.

I want you to feel the music penetrate your body and awaken your soul. I want you to feel where the desire to move originates in your body. I want you to feel what happens to that desire when you don’t act on it impulsively and prematurely, and instead, let it inform you.

I want you to know what it feels like to use music and breath to turn your whole body on. I want you to feel your body come alive with LIGHT then swirl it through your hips-your pelvis-your womb-your pussy. I want you to feel the heat start to thaw out the physical tension in your muscles and the stiffness in your joints.

I want you to feel the habitual flow of energy in your body and I want you to feel precisely where it gets blocked. And then I want you to feel where your physical body ends and where your energetic body begins.

I call this phase AWAKEN.

Phase 2: PLAY

This phase is all about having fun. This is where the beats get sexier and the lyrics get cheekier.

I want you to loosen the fuck up. I want you to let the seriousness melt right off your face. I want you to let your hair down {literally}. And I want you to start loving the skin you’re in.

I want you to grind your hips without a care in the world. I want you to whip your hair however you dare. I want you to get high on the feel-good hormones starting to flood your body and I want you to get drunk on the good vibes filling up the room.

I call this phase PLAY.

Phase 3: PURGE

This phase is all about clearing.

I want you to access the funky stuff jammed in your body and lodged in your brain. I want you to get out of your own way and let the music do the clearing for you.

I want you to dance it ALL out – the confusion, the fear, the powerlessness, the rage, the fuck you’s, the guilt, the grief, the pain, and the doubt. I want you to clear as much of this as you can so a deeper truth can take up {more} residence in your body.

I call this phase PURGE.


This phase marks the midway point and it’s all about the heart, the central powerhouse of our lives.

I want you to slow dance your way into intimate relationship with your heart. I want you to gently relax the armor around Her. I want you to open yourself to receive Her intelligence, feel Her truth and become fluent in Her language.

Ultimately, I want you to give up all control and simply trust Her guidance with every move you make.

I call this phase SURRENDER.


Phase 5 of the Sacred Dance journey is all about UNLEASHING.

I want you to feel the music activate the ancient wisdom stored in your cells. I want you to feel this ancient wisdom take over your entire body. I want your body to dance a new dance…one that is untamed and unapologetic.

I want you to dance your wildness, your ecstasy, your freedom and your power…the power you’ve always had but somehow forgotten.

And I want you to sweat your joy.

I call this phase REMEMBER.

Phase 6: RISE

Phase 6 of the Sacred Dance journey is all about RECALIBRATING.

I want you to dance into this new expansion gifted to you from the previous phase. I want you to dance into a new story of who you truly are. I want you to know deep down in your bones that you are the authority of your own life and the powerful creator capable of birthing a new world…for you AND for humanity.

I want you to feel into the infinite possibilities available to you in every moment. I want you to embody the Mystic Queen you’ve always been and celebrate your own unique flavour of magic.

Then I want you to rest. I want you to lay down flat on your back and let Mother Earth hold you. I want to feel your physical body relax. I want you to feel your nervous system recalibrate. I want you to feel your energy body establish a new vibration, a new status quo.

I call this phase RISE.

Phase 7: ANCHOR

This is the final phase of the Sacred Dance journey and it’s all about CENTERING.

I want you to find your way back on your own two feet. I want you to explore this new body of yours…and yes, it’s very much a NEW body.

Then I want you to come full circle and stand in mountain pose, the very pose that started this whole journey. I want you to discover your new center point. I want you to root down to the core of the earth. I want you to feel the inspiring lyrics wash over your supple body. I want you to plant new seeds of desire or tend to the ones you planted long ago.

Then I want you to reconnect with your soul sisters. I want you to celebrate the completion of your journey and all that it has gifted you. I want you to feel loved up to the bone and fully supported. I want you to know everything is falling into place and, most importantly, I want you to trust in Life.

I call this phase ANCHOR.

For upcoming event dates in AUS, NZ & US click here.

I can’t wait to see you on the dancefloor soon!

Big Love

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