Initiated 2018

Dear Woman,

This is not a flimsy invitation; this is a calling
a calling to every woman
to rise higher
see deeper
act braver
For you’ve been too forgiving, too quiet, too tamed…for too long.

If you hear this call then know this:
you’re one of the chosen ones

the ones who were put on this Earth
to raise the vibrations
upgrade the consciousness
and anchor the light.

It’s time we come together, as women
to do what we’ve always done best:


It’s time to be INITIATED into the life of your soul.

So turn your pain into power and start sweating your prayers.
Great Mother is watching…and listening.

She always has been.

Big love
Susana XO

Sexy and wild.
Fun and liberating.
Empowering and life-changing.

Sacred Dance with Susana is a unique opportunity for women to come together and unleash their body and soul on the dancefloor so they can remember how to access and express their most powerful, radiant and liberated selves.

Set to a curated playlist, Susana’s powerful yet gentle guidance will lead you on a journey of freedom and empowerment as you dance your way through seven transformative phases: awaken, play, purge, surrender, remember, rise, and anchor. This one-of-a-kind embodied experience will ultimately gift you the connection, confidence, and clarity you’ve been longing for.

INITIATED is Susana’s 4th annually themed event and will, for the first time, be touring Australia, New Zealand, and North America in 2018. The tour will kick off on the first full moon for 2018 in Susana’s hometown, Noosa.

See below for dates.

“Deeply healing. Utterly transformational. Wonderfully curated.” 

— Tara Bliss, Author & Entrepreneur, Gold Coast 



Creator & Facilitator

Known for liberating women with her magical, virtually unexplainable, transformative dance experience, Susana Frioni created her signature offering, Sacred Dance with Susana, back in 2013 when given the opportunity to create her own version of a “yoga rave” at a health retreat hosted by her late friend, Jess Ainscough, Australia’s original Wellness Warrior.

Fusing her experience as a seasoned Group Fitness Instructor and Yoga Teacher with her studies in deep presence, chakras, and the Enneagram, Susana created the ultimate experience for women to unleash their body and soul on the dancefloor as a way to access and express their most powerful, radiant and liberated selves.

Sacred Dance with Susana is currently an annually themed experience with intentions to evolve into other formats, both in person and online. Susana has also taught at Australia’s leading soulful events such as Earth Events Radical Self Love Party in Brisbane, Soul Sister Circle Kinfolk Festival on the Gold Coast and Mindful Mama’s Mama Camp in Victoria.

Alongside Sacred Dance, Susana is also a certified Deep Coaching Professional and producer & host of LOVE SEX DESIRE, a weekly podcast series downloaded in over 190 countries. She lives on the Sunshine Coast, QLD with her daughter.

  • Susana channeled and guided our energy like a shaman! I felt completely safe and held. 
    – Kylie Pappalardo, Associate Lecturer

  • “She holds a space that is at once nurturing, but also revealing – and it’s powerful beyond measure.”
    — Julie Parker, CEO + Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

  • “Susana knows how to guide you places you can’t go on your own.” 
    — Sarah K Jones, Mentor to Coaches + Healers

  • Susana’s an electric goddess leading all of her dancing disciples on a journey of self-discovery like no other. — Jacky Taylor, Sydney

Frequently asked questions

+ Is this freedom/ecstatic dance?

The sacred dance journey is a blend of simple guided movement patterns and free-form dance. It’s the place where feminine embodiment, ecstatic dance and meditation collide.

+ Why is this an alcohol and drug free event?

Sacred Dance with Susana is all about transformation and real transformation calls for sobriety. Therefore, this is a sober body-soul dance experience. No exceptions.

+ Is this experience better to attend on your own or with friends?

Some women prefer attending on their own as they feel they can let go more. However, other women prefer going with a friend as it makes them feel more comfortable or the evening more “fun”. It’s a personal choice and one you won’t know the answer until you try it both ways.

+ What type of music do you play?

The carefully curated playlist for INITIATED includes an eclectic mix of genres such as dance/electronic, indie pop, deep house, reggae fusion, hip-hop, blues/rock, R&B, world and acoustic. You can listen to this 30min teaser playlist featuring 7 of the 21 tracks I’ve chosen for the INITIATED journey.

+ I’m pregnant. Is it safe for me to attend?

Absolutely! I’ve had pregnant women attend before, one was even 8 months pregnant and she had the most sacred experience ever dancing the night away.

+ If I’m no longer able to attend the event, can I refund my ticket?

Tickets are non-refundable but you can most definitely transfer your ticket to someone else. Simply send me the name and email of the new ticket holder no later than 3 days before the event to

“This is a coming together of women called to express their most beautiful, powerful and revolutionary selves!”

— Melissa Sandon, Founder of Soul Medicine Academy

Rave Reviews

Raw and real. An adventure, inwards. It was sensual and sweaty. Both confronting and liberating. And So. Much. Fun! Every song made me want to move my body and Susana’s loving guidance throughout the session gently reminded me to stay in my body and out of my crazy, judgemental mind. I loved it and cannot wait for the next one.”  — Kamina N, Sydney

“As someone who constantly doubts herself, worries (a lot!) and lives in so much fear, this experience was so empowering and freeing! It’s gifted me the confidence and power to jump into my new life.” — Kate Harland, Brisbane  

“Life highlight!”
— Gala Darling, Author + Radical Self-love Teacher, New York City

Last night was so freeing, so expanding, so feminine, so sexy and so raw. It was an opportunity like no other to feel into all of my emotions and express my true self, without fear of judgment.” — Megan Koufos, Brisbane

“It’s the most liberated I’ve felt in 10 years! Seriously, where else on earth can you make soul level discoveries while dancing your ass off to the best playlist?! Words cannot do this justice. You just have to experience it!” — Kate Erlenbusch, Copywriter, Melbourne

“I thought I would be too old or not fit in at this event, but instead, I felt incredibly grateful and in awe of how beautiful women are (regardless of their shape, size or age) when they’re being free. I was reminded how much I love to dance and how much I want it in my life. As a result, I’m even more committed to showing up in life as fully expressed, open and brave.” — Ginny D, Brisbane.

“I felt like I shed a skin and emerged a new woman: a woman empowered and ready to shine brighter in the world.”
— Kylie Pappalardo, Associate Lecturer

“The idea of dancing without self-imposed barriers really scared me. But by the end of the night, I felt exhilarated, carefree and light. It was an opportunity to accept myself and fully let go.— Thuy, Brisbane.

“I didn’t think a shy, unrhythmic, self-conscious girl would have any place at this Sacred Dance but I was wrong. By the end of the night, I felt liberated, energised, empowered, loved, light and most importantly not the same person who started the night. The guided dance journey was unimaginable! The stillness while the first bars of the first song blasted and moved through our bodies gave way to that unbridled, primal movement. Without any thought, I found myself dancing from my heart.” — Lisa O, Brisbane

“I felt absolutely alive and free with energy pulsating through my body. I felt like walls, barriers and limitations had melted away and there was an incredible feeling of full self-expression.” — Connie Chapman, Life Coach, Sydney

“Fanfuckintastic! I haven’t felt that wild and free in a really long time!”— Rebecca Carden, Melbourne

“The guided dance journey was amazing! It allowed me to journey into my own desires, ignited my spirit and unleashed my inner seductress.” — Jenna Ward, Embodied Woman Coach, Brisbane

By the end of the night I felt light, connected, open, creative, sexy and free (which by the way are ALL my core desired feelings!) – like I could take on the world!” — Joscelin McMillan, Sydney

“For the first time in my life, I was really present. I didn’t need to be high on drugs and alcohol to lose my inhibitions and have a good time. I felt alive, feminine and sexy (baby bump and all) – it was a revelation!! — Rebecca Pinga, Brisbane

“This one night has put me more in touch with myself and my intuition in so many ways.” —  Rebecca Oppy, Sydney.

“This is an opportunity for you to get high on life, sisterhood, music and shaking your ass while being expressive in whichever way feels right for you in a completely non-judgemental, supportive and loving space with kindred spirits and a rock star at your lead…Need I say more?!” — Sarah Holloway, Brisbane

“I felt as though I had found a part of me that had been undiscovered and like my soul had been fully expressed.” — Elle W, Sydney

“The only time I normally dance is when I have “my ladies” around me as a blanket making it “ok” to do so, but never have I danced as a self-development exploration on my own before. It was truly liberating, enlivening, transformative and filled with many sage moments. I had several downloads and aha moments.” — Claire M, Brisbane  

“Liberating, empowering and hands down, the best night of my life!!” — Rebecca Houghton, QLD

“Thanks to this Sacred Dance event I was finally able to feel every inch of my body, inside and out, and it felt amazing!  I’ve never felt so alive. I had things come up for me that I never thought I was holding onto but I was. I was holding onto past relationships and experiences, which were the reason I was so closed off with my relationships with others. What a transformative night!” — Michelle L, Sydney

Dancing is such a powerful way to move through your shit, and Susana has this energy that makes you feel safe to unleash. She’s powerful yet gentle at the same time.” — Natasha Sciotto, Brisbane

“I connected with myself on a whole new level and experienced a new benchmark when it comes to being fearless and putting myself out there.”
— Jacky Taylor, Brisbane

“Such a transformational experience! You may enter a stressed, strung out woman, closed off to the richness of yourself and your life. You WILL emerge, like a butterfly from a chrysalis, soaked in love and magic, juiced up, blissed out, high on life. If connection is what you’re craving, you’ll find it here, in yourself and on the dance floor with Susana” — Emma Shields, QLD

“Initially I was pretty nervous turning up on my own, not knowing what to expect. By the end of the night, however, those fears had completely disappeared. I left feeling more alive and confident than I had in a very long time! It was definitely a magical experience.— Stephanie Blazak, Brisbane

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