Sacred Dance Parties


The fun way to ignite your body & soul.

“Life highlight!”

— Gala Darling, Author & Radical Self-Love Teacher, New York City

Sexy and wild.
Fun and liberating.
Empowering and life-changing.

These Sacred Dance experiences are all about making soul-level discoveries while dancing your ass off to the best playlist with a tribe of like-minded women. They’re about liberating your wild feminine energy, reclaiming your erotic body and aligning with your soul desires so you can move forward in your life feeling free, connected and alive.

Combining the power of music, movement, and mindfulness, Susana creates an inner journey of healing and transformation by guiding dancers through seven phases:


So forget about the alcohol and drugs – you don’t need them to unleash on this dance floor.
Forget about being self-conscious or shy – all that melts away the moment we press play.
And forget about doubting your own magic – you’re a goddamn woman. Say no more!


“Deeply healing. Utterly transformational. Wonderfully curated.” 

— Tara Bliss, Author & Entrepreneur, Gold Coast 

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  • “Since I attended the Sacred Dance Party I have experienced more openness, freedom and acceptance of myself. It unlocked a part of me that I’ve kept under wraps for so long. I feel deeply but usually don’t allow my full expression – but the Sacred Dance Party changed that.

    I accessed and unleashed parts of myself that I’m happy to say are still open and awakened within me. This has changed my relationships, my sexual expression, my consciousness – my whole entire life. I’m so grateful that I was able to experience this freedom!”

    — Emma Shields, Yoga Teacher, Rockhampton

  • I’ve finally found this wild playful side of myself that I wasn’t in touch with before and as a result, I feel sexier and more confident in my body. I also carry much less judgement towards myself and I don’t compare myself to other women as much. This event really showed me that an embodied woman is unique and beautiful, and that should be celebrated. I’m amazed that attending one night like this had such a profound impact on me, but I think that’s because we tend to underestimate the power of moving our body compared to analysing our minds.” 

    — Vanessa Evans, Accountant, Brisbane

  • “Since I attended the Sacred Dance Party my life and experience of being alive has shifted. For the first time ever, I felt energy building in my body. I felt it move through me and whirl. That experience sparked a curiosity in me that was the beginning and continuation of a sacred relationship with my body. It’s been over a year since that one night and I’m now more connected to my truth, laugh a whole lot, am kinder to myself, honour my time and regularly have transformational conversations with my women about sex, femininity and connection with truth/soul/spirit. I also left my job where I was being a hectic martyr and have spent that last 6 months travelling the world writing, photographing, walking a pilgrimage and (for the most part) really enjoying being alive.”

    — Rachelle Jones, Psychologist, Brisbane

  • “Since I attended the Sacred Dance Party I have shifted from shame and embarrassment about my body and who I am to feeling empowered, loved, beautiful and equal. Being in a room full of all types of women who were there for all different reasons reminded me that I’m not alone on this journey of self-discovery – and what a liberating realisation that was!”

    — Diane, Marketing Student, Brisbane


Creator & Facilitator

These Sacred Dance Parties are the creation of Susana Frioni, a former Group Fitness Instructor and Yoga Teacher turned Dance Catalyst and Erotic Empowerment Coach. In the past 15 years, she’s taught over 4000 group movement classes and facilitated hundreds of private sessions and group workshops.

 Susana also produces and hosts LOVE SEX DESIRE, a weekly podcast series downloaded in 191 countries featuring world-renowned experts, emerging leaders, daring fellow-explorers and the best of everything she’s personally living and learning.


Private Bookings

Hosting a small retreat or organising a big event and would love Susana to facilitate a special Sacred Dance Party for your audience? Awesome! Get in touch by submitting your inquiry below and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.

Previous clients include Mindful Mama’s {Mama Camp 2016}, Soul Sister Circle {Kinfolk Festival 2014}, Earth Events {Radical Self-Love Party} and Jess Ainscough {Wellness Warrior Spring Retreat}.

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Rave Reviews

“This an opportunity for you to get high on life, sisterhood, music and shaking your ass while being expressive in whichever way feels right for you in a completely non-judgemental, supportive and loving space with kindred spirits and a rock star at your lead…Need I say more?!” — Sarah Holloway, Brisbane

“Initially I was pretty nervous turning up on my own, not knowing what to expect! By the end of the night however, those fears had completely disappeared. I left feeling more alive and confident than I had in a very long time! It was definitely a magical experience.— Stephanie Blazak, Brisbane

All my walls, barriers and limitations melted away…— Connie Chapman, Life Coach, Sydney

“It’s the most liberated I’ve felt in 10 years! Seriously, where else on earth can you make soul level discoveries while dancing your ass off to the best playlist?! Words cannot do this justice. You just have to experience it!” — Kate Erlenbusch, Copywriter, Melbourne

“We all have a wild side that craves to be let out of the cage every now and then and Susana’s Sacred Dance Party is the vessel that allows you to move freely without judgement, to let go and be a little crazy. By the end of the night I felt light, connected, open, creative, sexy and free {which by the way, are ALL my core desired feelings!} – like I could take on the world . I’ll definitely be back for more!” — Joscelin McMillan, Sydney

“We need these Sacred Dance Parties because the health of womanhood and the world depends on women being topped up with pleasure, tribe, care, sensuality and eroticism.”  – Lotus Kruse, Women’s Leadership Coach, Byron Bay

“I felt liberated and whole – like my world really was open and I could do whatever I truly wanted.” — Leanne MacKenzie, Artist, Sydney

“This is a coming together of women called to express their most beautiful, powerful and revolutionary selves!”
—  Melissa Sandon, Women’s Mentor & Energy Medicine Teacher

“I arrived at the event feeling terrified! I didn’t think a shy, unrhythmic, self-conscious girl would have any place at this Sacred Dance Party but I was wrong. By the end of the night, I felt liberated, energised, empowered, loved, light and most importantly not the same person who started the night. The guided dance journey was unimaginable! The stillness while the first bars of the first song blasted and moved through our bodies gave way to that unbridled, primal movement. Without any thought, I found myself dancing from my heart.” — Lisa O, Brisbane

As someone who constantly doubts herself, worries (a lot!) and lives in so much fear, this experience was so empowering and freeing. It’s gifted me the confidence and power to jump into my new life.” — Kate Harland, Brisbane  

“This is a unique opportunity to unleash the Divine in you, awaken your deepest truths, feel like you can achieve anything, break through your blocks and have a newfound appreciation for your body and how it moves.”
— Sharyn Holmes, Creator of Gutsy Girl, Brisbane

Raw and real. An adventure, inwards. It was sensual and sweaty. Both confronting and liberating. And So. Much. Fun! Every song made me want to move my body, and Susana’s loving guidance throughout the session gently reminded me to stay in my body and out of my crazy, judgemental mind. I loved it, and cannot wait for the next one.”  — Kamina N, Sydney

“I felt as though I had found a part of me that had been undiscovered and like my soul had been fully expressed.” — Elle W, Sydney

“This one night has put me more in touch with myself and my intuition in so many ways. It was such a powerful and transformative evening. I will definitely be attending the next one!” —  Rebecca Oppy, Sydney.

I felt like I had shed a skin and emerged a new woman: a woman empowered and ready to shine brighter in the world.
— Kylie Pappalardo, Associate Lecturer, Brisbane

“I was introduced to a term called ‘ the goddess hour ‘ in 2013, where as a woman you do whatever you like for an hour a day that allows you to drop into your feminine side and spoil yourself. These dance parties are a great ‘goddess hour ‘ treatment, with the added bonus of a few more hours, in a fun, safe, nurturing environment. Highly recommended and very addictive.— Kylie Williams, Sydney.

“When I first arrived at the event I actually felt really nervous and wanted to leave. The idea of dancing without self-imposed barriers really scared me. But by the end of the night, I felt exhilarated, carefree and light. It was an opportunity to accept myself and fully let go.— Thuy, Brisbane.

“I was really really nervous when I arrived but by the end of the night, I was really in my body and felt expansive. It was AMAZING! And Susana was magnetic, hypnotising and captivating.” — Jessie Kavanagh, QLD

“These Sacred Dance Parties are a beautiful coming together of spirited soul sisters – women ready to be cracked open and to experience themselves in a way they may have never before – without fear, without judgement, with completely open minds and hearts. Personally, I connected with myself on a whole new level and experienced a new benchmark when it comes to being fearless and putting myself out there.” — Jacky Taylor, Brisbane

“The only time I normally dance is when I have “my ladies” around me as a blanket making it “ok” to do so, but never have I danced as a self development exploration on my own before. It was truly liberating, enlivening, transformative and filled with many sage moments. I had several downloads and aha moments. By the end of the night I felt expansive, electric, alive, centered and like I truly nourished my soul.” — Claire M, Brisbane  

“It was really beautiful looking around the room every so often and seeing how deeply immersed everyone else was in their own little dancing worlds. These Sacred Dance Parties offer a completely safe and supportive environment for women to explore their sensuality and creative expression.” — Jessica Bartholomew, Sydney.

“This was my second Sacred Dance Party and it was great to see how much I had progressed. I was more myself, more relaxed, more comfortable, and more confident in who I truly am. They really are an opportunity to become the best version of your raw, authentic and true self.” — Stephanie Fallon, Sydney

It was amazing!! More than I anticipated and far more meaningful. One of the best nights I have had so far this year!— Kirri White, QLD.

“I thought I would be too old or not fit in at this event, but instead, I felt incredibly grateful and in awe of how beautiful women are (regardless of their shape, size or age) when they’re being free. I was reminded how much I love to dance and how much I want it in my life. As a result, I’m even more committed to showing up in life as fully expressed, open and brave!” — Ginny D, Brisbane.

“Thanks to this Sacred Dance Party I was finally able to feel every inch of my body, inside and out, and it felt amazing!  I’ve never felt so alive. I had things come up for me that I never thought I was holding onto but I was. I was holding onto past relationships and experiences, which were the reason I was so closed off with my relationships with others. What a transformative night!” — Michelle L, Sydney

“That was electrifying! One of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. The best part of the night was just being able to let go and go a bit crazy. There aren’t very many moments in our lives where we can fully let go like that and be accepted and celebrated. This is a unique and necessary experience. I can’t wait to do it all over again!” — Jacqueline Price, QLD

Dancing is such a powerful way to move through your shit, and Susana has this energy that makes you feel safe to unleash. She’s powerful yet gentle at the same time. These Sacred Dance Parties are such a beautiful way to connect with like-minded women and is pure joy!” — Natasha Sciotto, Brisbane

“This dance session is something I have longed for, dreamt about and now here I am immersed in the glory of self-expression and freedom of movement without judgement, alongside the beauty of a room full of goddesses celebrating each other. The space was held perfectly for us. I felt safe, nurtured and inspired to be brave enough to allow what had surface through my body, through the music, and into the dance.” — Sheridan Alves, VIC

“The dance session was amazing! It hit me in all the right ways, allowed me to journey into my own desires, ignited my spirit and unleashed my inner seductress.” — Jenna Ward, Embodied Woman Coach, Brisbane

“Fanfuckintastic! The night for me was all about courage, ditching the fear and evolving into a stronger and more confident person. I haven’t felt that wild and free in a really long time and as I continued to dance, I was conscious of the weight on my shoulders lifting until the end of the night, there was none. ”— Rebecca Carden, Melbourne

“Susana was THE BEST, powerful and loving in an authentic supportive way for us as women to give birth to whatever needed to be expressed, purged, embraced and ENJOYED!!! By the end of the night, I was blown away by a heart cracked open by movement, sound, tears, hugs, touch, shifting boundaries, trust and a room filled with love even though I knew not a single woman there. Seriously the best 4 hours I’ve spent going to a venue alone EVER!— Megan Russo, QLD

“By the end of the night, I felt like a sex panther after a feast. Satiated, comfortable in my skin, expressed, super relaxed, soft and open and fluid and sexy and awakened! These Sacred Dance parties truly are a transformational experience. You may enter a stressed, strung out woman, closed off to the richness of yourself and your life. You WILL emerge, like a butterfly from a chrysalis, soaked in love and magic, juiced up, blissed out, high on life. If connection is what you’re craving, you’ll find it here, in yourself, on the dance floor.” — Emma Shields, QLD

Liberating, empowering and hands down, the best night of my life!!” — Rebecca Houghton, QLD

“This sacred dance party opened my eyes to appreciate the body I have and the creative ways it can express my soul.”
— Lucinda Muldoon, QLD

“For the first time in my life, I was really present. I didn’t need to be high on drugs and alcohol to lose my inhibitions and have a good time. I felt alive, feminine and sexy (baby bump and all) – it was a revelation!! — Rebecca Pinga, Brisbane

“Last night was so freeing, so expanding, so feminine, so sexy and so raw. It was an opportunity like no other to feel into all of my emotions and express my true self, without fear of judgement.” — Megan Koufos, Brisbane

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