Podcast Rave Reviews

“Sexy, honest, confronting, revealing, wild, opening, refreshing, relieving, magic, stimulating, empowering. Do yourself (and your inner Goddess a favour) and tune in. Love it.” — Claire Baker ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I googled how to write a review just to write this review. And if this isn’t an indication that this podcast is worth it I don’t know what is. This podcast is changing my life. It’s illuminating, energizing and empowering. I can’t get enough. Susana you Wonder Woman, thank you.” — Gregarious Peach ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Susana explores all the things that you might have been too shy to ask, or didn’t even know about! It’s open, honest and raw. Definitely worth listening to with an open heart and mind. Exploring and smashing through boundaries.” — Nic KG

“You’re truly my favorite podcast & have been a voice for things I’ve yet to find the words for in my own life. Thank you for what you do!” – Kelly B

“I just wanted to say thank you for your podcast! I’ve just discovered it a few weeks ago and I feel so inspired by the real and open conversations you have with your guests. I feel like every time I listen I am learning something new or seeing something from a new perspective and it’s so refreshing!” — Laura B, London

“I’ve been adoring your work and podcast for the last few months. Your message is so important and needed and the way you present it feels so approachable. Plus, you’re a really incredible interviewer — so natural and present! Thanks for all you do.” — Ashley. D, NYC

“Susana Frioni discusses wide-ranging topics and does so with DEPTH. There’s nothing smutty about LOVE SEX DESIRE, which tends to dive into the intersection of spirituality, sexual healing, and self-empowerment.

With episodes titled How to Navigate Transitions and Endings and Are You Afraid to Be Too Sexy or Too Radiant? these conversations remind you to be the sexy goddess you undeniably are. The guests are as well informed as they are empowering. Bonus points for cool Aussie vibes.” — S-Life Mag by Sakara

“I stumbled across your site and podcasts a few months back and have been absolutely devouring your content! I love your energy, spirit and vibration. I’m incredibly grateful for the learning, insight, tools, and mad good vibes I have gained from your site, podcasts, content, and spirit. You have an amazingly gorgeous voice too by the way. It’s awesome to listen to! So thank you Susana.” — Danii O, Melbourne

“I just wanted to say thank you for your latest podcast. I implemented some of your suggestions and it totally worked! I haven’t felt so amazing and connected to my partner after sex in so long! I’m so glad that you’re doing what you’re doing and discussing the subjects that often have so much taboo around them. Keep doing what you’re doing – we need this!” — Vanessa, Brisbane

Success Stories

“It’s been great to have someone who is not invested in the outcome of my life to be there to support and guide me. Susana has helped me see my life differently, to push the boundaries of what I believed was possible and to experience things I was afraid to experience. She’s held the space for me to go to the other side of my fears and limitations. Working with Susana has made me feel more expanded than I ever have and people close to me can see the difference it has made.” — Vanessa Evans, Brisbane

“Working with Susana is to start, and keep, unfolding. With soul-guided sessions, personalized healing practices and just the way she shows up, she held space for me to step into my power and trust myself in ways I wouldn’t allow before. It’s been like giving my soul a microphone. Holy unfolding.” Dariya Souza, Ohio, USA

“I recommend you to anyone who doesn’t feel connected to their feminine power or is experiencing issues embracing their sexuality or finding their own power in relationships.” — Sally Maguer, Brisbane

“When I first started working with Susana I was always so anxious before getting on the call but by the time we finished I felt SOOO optimistic, like the Universe is really on my side and that all those things I deeply desire are within my grasp. She’s helped me become more intimate with my own desire {especially the ones that freaked me out or caused me so much confusion} and gain clarity on what it is I truly want in a relationship. I honestly can’t thank her enough!” — Kate Dudley, Sydney

During our 5-month journey, I have transformed so much and can’t believe the woman I have become.  Before I started working with Susana, I cried myself to sleep most nights.  I was overwhelmed with anxiety, confusion, and sadness.  I didn’t know how to own my erotic woman.  I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and sexuality.  I didn’t know what I wanted most of the time. I felt this connect the moment I got on our discovery session and felt my soul whispering that I must work with this woman.  I forged forward and said a big YES to working with her as a gift to my 30th birthday.  I could not be any happier.

Working with her 1:1, I shed layers and layers of fears and ego-driven self-protection to reveal my authentic divine feminine self.  I learned how to express my vulnerability and wildly deep feminine sexuality.  I used to live so much in my mind, but now I dig deep into my body to uncover my true feelings.  The best part of working with Susana is her soothing presence and voice, intuitive guidance, and beautiful ability to hold space for my emotions and help me tap into my own soul and erotic woman to receive my answers.

I celebrate my sexuality and womanhood now and I couldn’t have had a better teacher and guide to lead me on this path.  I’m an entirely different woman now (I can’t recognize myself when I look in the mirror now) and I’ve noticed the significant benefits of working with her flow into other parts of my life.  I am examining my relationship with money, career, and am embarking on a new path that allows me to live my truth finally.  I feel incredibly worthy and beautiful and the most beautiful gift Susana gave me was the ability to recognize this within myself.

I highly recommend working with Susana and I’d work with her in a heartbeat again.  — Priyanka Yadvandu, San Franscio.

“Susana Frioni is ALL HEART. Working with her has felt revealing and supportive; even when things began to feel uncomfortable (as they tend to do when instigating change!). I felt so safe and held in her space. I laughed, I cried, I played. I said ‘clit’ over Skype, which I’ve certainly never done before (!!!) and I’ve opened up in ways that have begun a divine unravelling/revealing/remembering of my erotic nature… One that I am truly grateful to have begun.” — Claire Baker, Life Coach

“The enquiry I’ve done into myself while working with Susana has been life-changing. And addictive! Once you start to know yourself on the level she teaches, there is no turning back. You’re going deep (and most likely dirty!) When I started working with Susana, I was seeing myself play out my same old sabotages. I recognised them, but I was still doing them. I wanted out!

What Susana teaches has helped me ease away from old behaviours that I was sick of and reconnect with who I am at my core. She’s helped me embrace my femininity, sexiness, and wildness, in a sometimes-confronting way, but always in a safe space. She has helped me own my sexuality and emotions, in a positive way, and given me grounding and embodiment practices that I can use to choose a different path to the sabotaging, hurtful, or erratic behaviours I’ve played out in the past.” — Kris Emery, Brisbane

“Working with Susana has been such an important and life-changing experience for me. I left each session feeling lighter, freer, and more clearly aligned with who I am and what steps I need to take next.  When I started this LOVE SEX DESIRE journey I was full of self-doubt, shame, and fear but not anymore. These days I’m feeling confident, self-accepting, and most of all, that fear and dread I felt have been replaced with EXCITEMENT for what lies next for me.” —  M.P, Florida

“The minute I met Susana, I knew I had to work with her. She embodied a presence, radiance, and confidence that I had been yearning to feel within myself for years, and I knew she was the person who was here to show me how.

Through our 1:1 work, I came to know (and embody) a whole new part of myself – an authentic, feminine, creative, expressive part of me that had long been hidden under layers of fear and self-protection. Our sessions brought me deeper into myself than I have ever gone, to explore my shadow, to feel my discomfort, to unlock the blocks hidden in my body. I was able to witness so clearly everything that was keeping my divine feminine essence trapped within me, and with Susana’s loving guidance and support, layers upon layers of old patterns were released.

Over the months we worked together, I watched as more and more of my true, authentic self emerged. I felt myself crack open, drop deeper into my body and my true power and experience a whole new level of connection with myself. I felt free, alive and like a woman – strong in herself, connected to inner wisdom and deeply loving of all that she is.

When I looked at myself in the mirror something felt different. For the first time, I could see my unique gifts, traits and talents and deeply love them, and all of me. I felt at home in my body, safe in my skin and that negative, critical voice in my mind had been replaced by a soft, nurturing whisper.

Susana is such a gentle and loving guide, who intuitively knows when to challenge you and take you to the next level, and when to simply hold space for you. Our sessions completely transformed me, allowed me to re-connect with a deep part of my true, inner essence that I could not have found on my own.” — Connie Chapman, Life Coach/Writer/Speaker, NSW

“Working with Susana through her online program has been a mind blowing, transformative experience. It’s awakened such a deep and intimate place in my heart, spirit and sexuality. I’m so much more in connection with my body now and have become a more nourishing lover for myself and for my partners.” — Amanda Ashley Canty, Actress, USA

“Susana’s superpower is that she knows how to ask just the right questions and listen deeply to your responses. I always left our sessions feeling aligned, (mentally) lighter and totally supported.” — Rachel MacDonald, Life & Blog Coach

“Susana is divine. An absolute joy. She asked the most pertinent questions with exquisite timing and tone that invited me to be curious about my body. She held the therapeutic space for me with grace and safety. She acknowledged me for being in my body- the single most important acknowledgement I needed at the time. It was a consolidating experience . She was so intune and responded to my needs so accurately. Full heart, safe space. Alchemy.” — Rachelle Jones, Brisbane

“I think some people view coaching and any sort of guidance of therapy as someone who miraculously “fixes” or “heals” you. However, it has been my experience that only we can heal and fix ourselves. But it sure as shit helps to have the support of someone as tuned in, turned on, and tapped in as Susana. I found Susana at a time when my life felt like it was falling apart. Like everything and everyone that I’d ever identified was literally and figuratively “dying” out of my life. Susana helped me through the death of my former life, through the death of a woman I no longer identified with and helped me get really clear on the woman I long to be: the woman that is my true essence and is begging to be birthed into this Earthly world… my soul expressed through this body.” — Katherine Trimarco, Canada

“One of Susana’s incredible strengths is her ability to cut the crap, see your soul, and help you see where the root of the issue is (which isn’t always what I’m telling myself). Her work with the enneagram has made her one of the sharpest people I know and she’s brought me back to my centre, saving me from going on a wild goose chase, more times than I can count.” — Nicola Chatham, Artist, Brisbane

“I just want to say a huge thank you for our session. I actually felt like I’d had some sort of energy healing afterwards. Your energy and style is awesome!” – Kate Holley — Life Coach & Writer, Sydney

“I just wanted to let you know how enlightening your last Sacred Dance Party in Brisbane was for me. Since I attended the sacred dance party last year, I was able to take that empowerment and transfer it across to opening up to my parents about my sexuality. Furthermore, I was able to talk to my male partner and gain his blessings to open up our relationship so I could fully embrace both sides of my sexuality and date women as well.I can’t wait for the next party. Thank you.” – A.O, Brisbane

“Since I attended the Sacred Dance Party I have experienced more openness, freedom and acceptance of myself. The Sacred Dance Party unlocked part of me that I have kept under wraps for so long. I feel deeply but usually don’t allow my full expression – but the Sacred Dance Party changed that. I accessed and unleashed parts of myself that I am happy to say are still open and awakened within me. This has changed my relationships, my sexual expression, my consciousness – my whole entire life. I am so grateful that I was able to experience this freedom.” — Emma Shields, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

“Since I attended the Sacred Dance Party I have shifted from shame and embarrassment about myself (my body and my thoughts (who I was)) to feeling empowered and loved and beautiful and equal. Being in a room full of all kinds of women has allowed me to know in myself that I am not alone on this journey of self discovery. And what a beautiful realization that was. I had forgotten how to dance in the rain but since the Sacred Dance Party and an inspiring talk with Susana I now choose to see self discovery and ‘not knowing’ as play instead of wasted time. Because life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” –Diane, Brisbane

“Since I attended the Sacred Dance Party (SDP) my life and experience of being alive, has shifted. It was the perfect time in my life for me to go.

My most powerful memory from the SDP was the experience I had of listening to music and resisting movement. For the first time (really ever) I felt energy building in my body. I felt it move through me and whirl. That experience sparked a curiosity in me that was the beginning and continuation of a sacred relationship with my body.

Since the SDP I am more connected to my truth, laugh a whole lot and am kinder to myself . I honour my time. For example, just last month I left a date that was going awfully by saying respectfully and with full presence, “I’m not feeling like this is going in the direction I had hoped. I’m going to head home.” In the past,  I would have stayed because I didn’t want it to be uncomfortable. I’m much more willing to feel uncomfortable in service of what’s true these days. It just works.

Following the SDP, I chose to invest in some sessions with a sexologist who helped me understand what I didn’t enjoy about sex and what left me feeling disconnected from myself and my partners. She taught me about the wheel of consent (Betty Martin) and how to feel when my body says “yes” versus when my mind says “yes” and what to do when they don’t align. I now practice curiosity and presence in my life (and in my sex life). As well as the sessions, I practice Vedic meditation twice a day, have a Spotify premium account, feel my way through podcasts, follow blogs and regularly have transformational conversations with my women about sex, femininity, and connection with truth/soul/spirit.

I believe that the curiosity that had me sign up for the SDP, and then later my sessions and meditations, is sacred and full of truth. That thing also had me leave my job, where I was being a hectic martyr. Quitting my job created space for me to travel. I’m actually writing this from a home in the forest in the US having spent the last 6 months travelling the world writing, photographing, walking a pilgrimage and (for the most part) really enjoying being alive.” — Rachelle Jones, Psychologist

“I’ve finally found this wild playful side of myself that I wasn’t in touch with before and as a result, I feel sexier, more connected and more confident in my body. I also carry much less judgement towards myself and I don’t compare myself to other women as much. This event really showed me that an embodied woman is unique and beautiful, and that should be celebrated. I’m amazed that attending one night like this had such a profound impact on me, but I think that’s because we tend to underestimate the power of moving our body compared to analysing our minds.” — Vanessa Evans, Brisbane

Love Notes

“We have never met but I consider you one of my tribe and since coming across yourself {and some of your tribe} my life has changed for the better. I love listening to your podcast! You’ve helped me embrace my succulent, sexy, beautiful and extraordinarily amazing body. I’m having such fun exploring my body in a way I never knew possible. Thank you for showing me I deserve to feel such deep love all the time and that there is so much to learn about my gorgeous v-jay jay.” — Bek, Melbourne

“All your LOVE SEX DESIRE work is so incredibly moving, meaningful, DEEPLY FELT and received with so much LOVE and curiosity and gratitude. Seriously, EVERYTHING is hitting me right in the heart, opening my mind to explore more in myself and my intimate relationship, and I am such a different woman thanks to listening to your podcasts and practicing principles you share – ridiculously happy, confident, feminine (for the first time since I was a girl) are just a few welcomed changes that I’ve embodied.

The day after your Sacred Dance Party last year is still the BEST I have ever felt in my whole life. EVER. ALL my CDF’s all at once. I still visualise that experience and the following days to transport me back there. Can’t wait to have that experience again!” — Joscelin McMillan, Holistic Health Coach, Sydney

“Darling it’s been quite some time since I worked with you in the intimate series and I’ve been wanting to send this for a while. My whole heart leaps with both a love and a sadness. A deep sadness that I’m still processing for burying my old self and a deep love for remembering who I am. And you were the one to ignite this. You were the one who tapped me on my soul and said, “See, she’s still here”. I can’t love you enough for what you have done and the gratitude is immense. You are one very powerful and very special person.” — Ainslie Deverson, Gold Coast

“I want to thank you for being so open about these subjects. It has given me permission to rediscover them in my own life and given me the passion and will needed to do so.” — M. M, Melbourne

“Thank you for being who are and doing what you do! You are giving me incredibly amounts of hope, energy and love only through your writing and your talks.” — Jen, Germany

“I discovered your website yesterday and I cannot say how grateful I am for discovering you. You talk in a way that demonstrates (at least to me) a different kind of energy that I want to discover for myself.  After having spent so many years completely disconnected from my own sexual energy, afraid of it, or that it was my only form of worth, it feels so liberating to be owning it for myself, to be listening to my body (as best I can), and to be slowing down. THANK YOU so much!” — E Cox, USA

“During challenging times, your words have echoed in my mind and helped me relax and trust. I adore you.” — C.F, Sydney