my group immersions: true desires and real priorities.

“I knew the one day immersion would be transformational, but I’m blown away by the impact it’s had on my life already.”  Emma Shields from the Earth HQ Team

“My business has been blossoming since that one sacred day! ”  Natasha Tay from

“It’s already paying dividends with the work I’ve done in the past 24 hours since completing the Immersion day!” Jana from

“Anyone ready to dive deep into their potential needs to attend one of Susana’s immersions!” Helen Thomas from



Sunshine Coast | 28th September
TIME: 9am – 1pm
LOCATION: Coolum Beach
COST: $170.

Brisbane | 6th October
TIME: 1pm – 5pm
LOCATION: TBC (inner city)
COST: $170.
{2 spots left}

These are intimate sessions created for only 8 – 10 ppl.
Bookings are first come, first served.
Email me directly to reserve your space.
Want to get your own group of 8-10 people together + set your own date?  Let me know.


how it works + who’s it for.

These GROUP IMMERSIONS are part reflective, part how-to and 100% soul-centered and inspirational.  With me as your guide, we’ll be celebrating where you’ve already been, honouring where you are right now and visioning where you are going (and why!).  We’re not talking 1 year plans, 3 year plans or 5 year plans…we’re working on a 6 month timeframe to keep this potent and powerful.  By the end of the day, you will be very clear on your true desires and your real priorities.  Plus, you’ll have the support of other like-minded peeps.

These GROUP IMMERSIONS are for women who are seeking more clarity, more focus, more connection, more expansion, more wholeness and more intuitive guidance in the realm of their life and their career.

promo stuff / my fancy bio.

Susana Frioni is a dynamic teacher, mentor and certified Deep Living Coach helping women reconnect with their soul truth so they can live authentic, awakened and deeply fulfilling lives.

In her past life,  Susana Frioni graduated uni with a Marketing & Management degree, has managed Health Clubs + Yoga Studios, created an online program Selfish for 27 days where women put their health and happiness first, spent four years coaching netball teams to win championships and has taught 3500+ group fitness classes motivating and inspiring people to get in the best shape of their life.

Now, Susana coaches and mentors women to embody who they truly are through her private sessions, online programs, live events/retreats and weekly yoga classes in Brisbane, Australia where she lives with her 7yr old daughter.

love notes from past participants.

“Susana created such a nourishing, sacred space for all of us to be ourselves and to share whatever was coming up: no judgement, just love and guidance. I drove away feeling so inspired and really crystal clear on what it was I truly wanted my next 6 months to look like…not just what I thought it should look like.” Carlee Modra from

“This day gave me the gift of absolute clarity, a way to move forward with confidence and the practical tools I need to keep different aspects of my business and life in check. ”  Jade McKenzie from

“The day with Susana was empowering, liberating, inspiring, and I left  with a huge amount of clarity of where I wanted my business to go and how I was going to make it happen. Susana is a beautiful soul with amazing wisdom and an ability to dig deep to bring to the surface any challenges or blockages that might be stopping you in your life or business. Highly recommend!” Ash Good from

“The immersion blew me away! It helped me to get real about the blockages in my life, where I needed to get focused and take action, and how to stay connected in every moment.  It strikes just the right balance between a heartfelt moving day and practical real-world strategies to help you ensure that the next six months is your best yet.” Kylie P, Brisbane.

“I have completed many courses, workshops and professional & personal development courses over the years and I must say that Susana’s intuitive, supportive and ‘clarity-producing superpowers’ brought something really special to the mix. I recommend this amazing one day immersion for all women who are really ready to make it happen, sick of playing small and want the beautiful support & encouragement of some really special heart-spaced and feminine energy!”  Naralee F, Brisbane.

“Susana’s one day immersion was beautiful and profound. I came away feeling gratitude, clarity and momentum for my life and business.” Alana Wimmer, Graphic Designer.

“For all of us creative and passionate spirits who wander the path less travelled, it is so important to have the space to connect in, be heard, recalibrate & get clear. It’s pure soul relief when you get to do it with a group of like-minded hearts, with Susana at the helm guiding you deeper into your own truth.” Melissa Sandon, Kinesiologist.

“Truly this experience couldn’t have come at a better time.  With Susana’s guidance and loving support of the other participants I was able to move past the EGO and identify my fears, visions, and potential dreams!” Frances B, Sunshine Coast.

“Susana held the most magical sacred space for the deepest of release and transformation to take place.  I feel clearer, more focused and finally have a deep appreciation for my journey over the past 6 months. I am now able to move forward in the direction of my dreams knowing what they are and having the belief in myself that I can actually do it. ”  Megan Koufous, Brisbane.

“Susana is a powerful and insightful facilitator. She holds space like a boss and empowers each participant to show up fully and honestly. The day was deeply practical, wonderfully playful, and profoundly connecting.” Tahlee Rouillon from

“I got so much more than I expected out of the day!” Lisa Hatherly, Brisbane.

“I walked out with direction, a deep understanding of myself and a beautiful community of women around me cheering me on. Thank you Susana for creating such a sacred space and an amazing opportunity to go deep and connect with my truth and see other women connecting with there’s.” Dani Pepper from

“I’m so thankful to walk away with crystal clear clarity on the way forward and a greater sense of connection to the soul sisters I was lucky enough to share the space with.”  Carly Stephan from

“Immersion day with Susana gave me a fresh injection of passion, motivation and inspiration. She uses her strong sense of intuition to get to the core of the blocks that are holding you back, and with the collective wisdom of the group facilitates breakthroughs and creates a new sense of clarity.” Erin K, Melbourne.


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  2. […] These GROUP IMMERSIONS are for women who are seeking more clarity, more focus, more connection, more expansion, more wholeness and more intuitive guidance in the realm of their life and their career. These are intimate sessions created for only 8 – 10 ppl. Bookings are first come, first served. Email me directly to reserve your space. Click here for more details. […]

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