It’s not mine, it’s yours. My body speaks for you.

I read her text message.
Fire burns across my collarbone and spreads across my upper chest. It’s a raging hot anger.
But it’s not mine. It’s hers.
I reply, “THIS is where your gold is.”


I take his hand in mine.
My heart instantly feels heavy and a wave of sadness drowns me.
But it’s not mine. It’s his.
I desperately want to transmute the energy but I’m not allowed. This is a sacred contract between two parties and I’m not one of them.


I proof read the copy of her latest offering.
One line sets off this subtle but instant contraction.  I notice my energy field and whole body shrink.
This one line looks impressive but it’s not within her integrity. And my body knows it.
I give her my feedback. I tell her my experience. But deep down she already knew this.


I browse her website and click on one of her offerings.
The back of my tongue erupts with a prickly furry ick. 
I keep reading but the prickly sensations amplify.
I close her page.
The sensation dissolves immediately.
I take it as a warning. She’s not telling the truth. And my body knows it.
Somewhere deep inside her, she knows it too.


As you deepen your relationship with your body and its sensations…as you deepen your relationship with your soul voice and the voices of your inner critic, you are able to discern what is yours and what is not.

Mastering this skill doesn’t happen over night.
It takes time.
It takes an intense curiosity and surrendered openness.
It’s deep work and profoundly intimate.

But mastering this skill will become one of your greatest assets in life, love and business.


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  1. Kylie says:

    I read this post
    And I instantly felt energetic
    I stood up out of my chair, almost involuntarily, from excitement
    My heart did a little hop, skip and leap, and my mind whispered, “yes”.
    …You speak my language, Susana

  2. susana says:

    Kylie: I love this!! And you know I know, we already speak the same language ;-)

  3. Tina says:

    Wonderful. I would love to have that kind of rapport with my body! I ignored it for so long; it’s just starting to heal.

  4. Leanne says:

    I have long wondered whether other people could feel others emotions the way I do – straight from their source.

    Thank you for sharing this. Now I just have to learn what is mine, and what is theirs.

    L xo