13 practices that are currently reconnecting me deeper with my body

All nutrition, exercise and movement practices have been refrained from being included in this list because I want to share with you some of the other practices in my life that are currently reconnecting me deeper to my body.

Here goes!

1. I question everything I think I “should” do.

Hello inner critic! Anytime I catch myself thinking I should do something, I know my inner critic has been activated. Maybe my body is craving this thing my inner critic is telling me I “should” be doing, but I’ll take a moment to check in with my soul’s truth and honour her call above all else.

2. I do a daily mental detox (aka meditation).

I practice a variety of meditation styles but it’s the Vipassana meditation technique that’s most powerful when needing to quiet the noise and anchor back into the body.

3. I have my body covered in crystals at least every 6-8weeks.

I never thought I’d be one of those crystal lovin’ babes but these days, just the thought of laying down and being covered in crystals while my healer works her magic on me is enough to give me an orgasm. Seriously! I leave these sessions feeling restored, recalibrated, reconnected and re-energised. Plus, the woman who super charges me was once a client of mine, then I became a client of hers, and now we’re great friends. It’s real love fest session!

4. I clean my chakras when I feel called to.

Sometimes I do this on my own, other times I use this guided meditation for busy people.

5. I have a session with my Deep Coach every month, all year.

I believe our bodies never lie and that they hold so much wisdom. That’s why I have a Deep Coach. She holds a space for me to go deeper into my body’s wisdom and my soul’s potential, while dissolving any tension or resistance that I may currently be experiencing. It’s a game changer for me and one that keeps me intimately connected to my body, my heart and my truth.

(Haven’t heard of Deep Coaching before? You can learn about it here. This is how I coach my clients too!)

6. I use this daily planner for my daily, weekly and monthly check-in’s.

Taking a moment to pause and be intentional about the life I am creating is another powerful practice that has me tune into my body and my soul desires, instead of getting swept up with my Ego and ending up somewhere I wish I never was.

7. I traded tampons for a Diva Cup.

Best thing ever!

8. I track my menstrual cycle.

Once upon a time I had no idea where I was in my cycle. The only reason I knew my period was due was because it had been a while since I last had it. These days, I use an app called My Days to track my cycle and record my observations about my body, in particular, my energy levels, my emotional state and any physical symptoms.

9. I read my hormone horoscope.

My friend (who also bought me the Diva Cup) recommended this to me. Hormones play a big role in our wellbeing and whilst I don’t intend on being an expert in this field, I am curious to sense the impact my hormones have on how I feel from day to day. Again, it’s just another level in being more intimate with myself.

10. I track the moons cycle too using the Moon Free App.

Menstrual cycle, moon cycle. It’s all connected and I’m curious to know how in sync (or not) I am to the universal rhythm that sustains this magic we call life.

naked susana frioni
Photo taken for the #imperfectlymeVG Valentines Day 2015 Campaign

11. I’m re-sensitising my pussy.

And that means, gone are the days of getting off for the sake of getting off. My whole way of masturbating has changed significantly and it’s increasing my libido big time (not that it needed increasing!).

12. When it comes to sex, I pause before receiving any penetration.

And not just for the sake of ‘pausing’. I drop my entire awareness down into my pussy and let her intelligence (and his intelligence in his cock) take over. If she’s not ready to receive him, we’ll keep exploring each others bodies until she is.

13. Speaking of sex, it’s all about the immersion instead of the quickie. 

These days, my weekends are devoted to a sexual immersion experience with my man. The nourishment, healing and alchemy that happens in these moments can fuel me for months. But for now, while I can, I choose to have this experience every weekend.

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9 Comments to “13 practices that are currently reconnecting me deeper with my body”

  1. I love how open you are. I’m constantly made to feel bad because I want to discuss everything openly all the time and you’ve inspired me to continue being the open book that I am. Keep up the good work!

  2. Susana, I absolutely love this article and it so inspiring to see you progressing in your sensual journey. I love the way you speak so openly.

    I started tracking my cycle a few months ago and I feel very empowered by it, I have to say. I’ve also just downloaded the moon app you mentioned and can’t wait to tune into this a little more.

    Thank you beautiful- xx

  3. Hi, Susana, I’m a little confused- I thought you were in a same sex relationship. Has this changed? I would love to hear about how the way you masturbate has changed- I’m finding that I’m looking for something deeper with my own self connection practices, something within me is looking for a ‘more’ that I’m not currently able to identify.

    • Hi Rimfire, I haven’t been in a same-sex relationship for over 12-18months. As for the masturbation, I’ll be sure to write more about this soon! XO

  4. Also absolutely love the Diva Cup, anyone who hasn’t should definitely check it out!

    Just wondering the format of the ‘guided meditation for busy people’ it goes for 35 minute but I’m hoping its broken into several smaller sessions?


  5. I know you hear this a lot, but you are incredibly inspiring! I made a commitment a few months ago to really explore myself this year. From head to toe and all the way into the soul. After a 16 year marriage and a horrible divorce 6 years ago, I realized that time was passing by and I wasn’t enjoying life at all. I was so busy working as an RN and raising my three boys by myself that I had completely lost touch with myself! I was filled with regret and resentment and just an downright unhappy lady. Well I love your posts! They remind me (and I need to be reminded often) to stop in my tracks and be conscious of myself. My words, my feelings, my thoughts. And seriously, when I am calm and happy everything else flows with ease! Keep up your inspiring ways! You’re one rad girl for sure :)

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