Conversations with Ev’Yan Whitney: a married woman’s journey to sexual liberation.

She’s the creator of Sex, Love and Liberation, an online sensual safe haven where she reveals the raw truths about her journey from sexless marriage to sexual liberation. This journey has involved opening her marriage, owning her bisexulaity and exploring what it truly means to be a sexually grown woman in her full power.  But sex has not come easily to her.  She’s had to let go of everything she was ever taught from her parents, her church and the porn industry about sex so she could know her own truth and her own desires.

Today’s special guest on the LOVE SEX DESIRE Podcast Series is Ev’Yan Whitney from Portland, Oregon.


During this interview Ev’Yan shares:

  • what her sexual awakening looked like as a married woman
  • the books that deeply influenced her life
  • healing sexual trauma and ditching beliefs about sex from her parents, her church and the world of porn
  • the impact birth control and antidepressants had on her sex life
  • overcoming the guilt associated with pleasure
  • what sexual liberation looks like for her today


The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Henry and June by Anais Nin

Urban Tantra

Click play below (60mins)

Big Love



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One Comment to “Conversations with Ev’Yan Whitney: a married woman’s journey to sexual liberation.”

  1. Very inspiring interview. Thanks to both of you. I am definitely at this point in my life where I find myself trying to understand what is going on with my body and why is it that my desire for sex is so low … I was also wondering about the birth control, starting to think that it might be a factor for me. You mentioned in the interview that it had a huge impact on your libido. What alternative would you recommend to try?
    Thank you for your time,

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