How to be a sexually empowered woman living with STD’s.

I recently received an email from a young woman living with herpes asking for some guidance. Even though she has read all the books out about her “diagnosis” nothing seemed to address how one can step into their sexuality despite of herpes, and find a way to be empowered by the situation.

If you can relate, then this LOVE SEX DESIRE Podcast episode is for you.

Herpes (or any other STD for that matter) doesn’t need to mean the end of your sex life. It does, however, mean the end of your sex life as you know it (thank GOD!). This is the beginning of a new sex life and a new relationship with your sexual self – one that is more conscious, empowered, truthful, respectful and deeply loving.

Listen to today’s episode to learn how you can be a sexually empowered woman living with STD’s.

Click play below (10mins)


1. Your honest-to-god guide to STD’s by Mark Manson

2. Herpes isn’t the end of your life by Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross.

Happy Friday Lovers!

Big Love


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