This is for when you don’t believe you can have what you truly want.

As the police officer handed me the infringement notice, my inner critic unleashed on me.

“You shouldn’t have stayed for a cup of tea!”

“You shouldn’t have had sex again!”

“You knew you should of left earlier!”

“You’re so irresponsible!”

“See! You should’ve just stayed home!”

(Notice how you can always count on your inner critic to pull you back into line?)

But it didn’t stop there.

Underneath the story of being “irresponsible” was something else.
Another story.
One that says “I couldn’t have what I truly want without being punished or paying a heavy price”.


You see, I was in celebration mode. I had just completed a very big milestone that involved declaring the details of what I truly wanted. And yet, here I was, with Mr Police Officer receiving not one, but TWO, infringement notices.

Some would call this “self-sabotage”.
Others would call this “an upper limit problem”.
And then there are those that would simply say “it’s time to choose a better feeling-thought”.

In today’s episode, I share what that that better feeling-thought is that will instantly pull you out of those times when you are caught in the downward spiral of “I can’t have what I truly want”, whether that’s an amazing sex life, a loving thriving partnership, financial abundance or a life full of adventure and freedom.

Click play below (4mins)

Big Love


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