Embodying the Divine Feminine with Elise Carr.

I always love hearing stories from women about their relationship with the Divine Feminine. I want to know if they’ve always had a deep connection with Her. Or was it something they’ve had to work on over many many many years. Was there an aspect of the Divine Feminine that they kept rejecting, denying or closed off from? And if so, what journey did they embark on to embody Her?

I want to know how having a deep relationship with the Divine Feminine has changed their lives, their relationships, their career. I want to know what they had to let go of so they could return home to Her and let her lead the way.

As women, I believe it’s important we hear these stories. Our cocoon lifestyles have isolated us from one and another, and as a result, we have to actively seek out these stories…and create our own.

Today I have the pleasure of talking about the Divine Feminine with Elise Carr. She’s the creator of StellaMuse.com, a website dedicated to divine empowerment, sacred sexuality, conscious relationships and holistic wellbeing. Elise is a tantra practitioner and reiki master, as well as a writer, artist and model. When she’s not coaching clients privately about the Yoni-heart-mind connection, she’s sharing her wisdom on the local radio or on a stage in front of hundreds of women.

Elise has lived around the world (she also speaks four languages, french being one of them) but currently calls Melbourne home. She’s a real beauty, inside and out.

Elise Carr smile2

In this episode we discuss:

  • nurturing the Divine Feminine and embodying all aspects of Her
  • using heartbreak as the catalyst to change your life
  • how an ovarian cyst and breast lumps helped Elise unlock repressed emotions
  • what triggers really mean and the importance of exercising boundaries
  • healing painful periods and mood swings through having a sexual practice
  • how to maximise the magic of your moon time
  • jealousy, infidelity, intimacy and navigating relationships

Click play below (60mins)

Items mentioned in this episode

Elise’s talk about the Yoni

The Divinely Empowered Woman by Elise Carr

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