Coming off the pill, rediscovering sexual desire & adoring your cycle w/ Claire Baker

Thanks to my mother and her devotion to natural therapies, I’ve never taken the contraceptive pill.

Because of this, I’ve never had to deal with many of the challenges that so many other women experience as a result of their long-term use of this little synthetic pill, usually prescribed to them in their early teenage years.

One of these extraordinary women is today’s special guest, Australian Women’s Coach and writer, Claire Baker.

After 10 years of being on the contraceptive pill, Claire decided it was time to stop. When her natural cycle finally returned some twelve months later, she discovered she had this whole new body. It opened her up to a new world of womanhood and became the central focus of her life’s work: teaching other women how to live in alignment with the magic of their menstrual cycle.

In addition to Claire sharing her personal journey on today’s episode, you’ll also learn:

  • the four seasons of your menstrual cycle
  • how to take care of yourself while navigating the dating world
  • how to use blood rituals for manifesting
  • period sex and preferred contraceptive methods
  • what to do when your libido increases
  • how to heal sexual shame

Click play to listen {50mins}

resources mentioned in this episode

Clue App

Natural Cycles App

Adore Your Cycle

Share this episode with every woman you know who is (or contemplating) coming off the pill and wants to become more intimate with her own body and natural cycle.

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