Dating & Sex: Are you afraid of sending mixed signals?

This one is dedicated to the sensually embodied women navigating the dating scene.

It’s inspired by a series of questions I received in an interview not so long ago, and I’m choosing to turn those questions into this episode for two reasons:

#1: My answer to those questions never made it to air. I’m guessing the interviewer either a) didn’t like my answers, b) regretted revealing so much of her personal situation just so I could better understand her question or c) that whole Q&A piece sucked and sounded more like a {very incomplete} personal consultation than an interview. Either way, I think many women find themselves asking these same questions, questions I haven’t yet explore here on the show.

#2: I believe unpacking questions pertaining to someone’s challenges is a real skill. A skill I wish to master. So when these particular questions and answers got edited out of the live episode, I personally saw it as an opportunity to review the original recording and see what happened. Did I miss something? Or was there something in the question and scenario not clearly being communicated? If so, I want to know so I can do better should I ever be asked these questions again.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • how to express your sensuality without sending mixed signals
  • when and how to communicate your sexual boundaries during a date
  • why being clear with your sexual energy will help you have the relationship you want

Click play to listen {13mins}

I hope there is something here for.

Big Love

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