Is Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course really worth it?

This was a question I found myself asking last year when I first discovered her course.

I had just taken the Erotic Blueprint Quiz and watched her free training videos. They were so incredibly valuable and they helped me immensely to better understand the differences and challenges I was encountering in the bedroom. I noticed an immediate shift and thought things would be all good. Therefore, I didn’t feel like I needed to invest in the training.

But as time went by, I realised I didn’t know nearly enough about this body of work to truly transform these challenges. And I definitely didn’t know how to have my sexual needs fully met once my primary type got fed.

So this year, I completed the new Erotic Blueprint Quiz, discovered my full erotic profile {game changer!} and did the online course. Ultimately, I decided this erotically empowered woman needed to become a student all over again and deeply immerse herself in this simple yet profound training.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Today I feel like an Erotic Wizard. Or an Erotic Ninja.

Personally, I better understand what it takes to have my own sexual needs fulfilled and how to clearly articulate those needs to others. I can see exactly where I’m standing on my Erotic Map and exactly where I need to go so I can master the realm of erotic arts. I’m also more skilled at determining one’s erotic blueprint and blueprint stack, which, if you ask me, is where the real magic lies!

Professionally, now that I have a new lens and a new language for DESIRE, I’m able to better serve my coaching clients, my podcast listeners and even my Sacred Dancers. I’m also able to see more clearly what role my work of the “Erotic Woman” plays in one’s life and how different {yet complimentary} it is to the Erotic Blueprints.

So with that in mind, if you’re still wondering if Jaiya’s EBBC is worth it, then enjoy this review. I’ll be sharing:

  • what the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course is
  • what the curriculum includes
  • who I’d recommend it for
  • why I highly recommend it
  • and should you buy it


The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course is an 8-week online video training program showing you step-by-step how to feed, speak, heal and expand all five Erotic Blueprints: Energetic, Sensual, Kinky, Sexual and Shapeshifter.

Expect lots of great content, live demonstrations, powerful practices, fun games and a vibrant community.


Here’s a brief overview of the content and the bonuses provided by Jaiya

Week 1: Orgasmic Orientation
Week 2: Core Erotic Blueprints
Week 3: Deliciously determining Blueprints
Week 4: Frequently feeding the Blueprints
Week 5: Seductively speaking the Blueprints
Week 6: Holistically healing Blueprints
Week 7: Expertly expanding the Blueprints
Week 8: Hot sex for a lifetime

Bonus #1: The Erotic Blueprints ebook & audio training program (valued at $297)
Great for those who prefer to learn by reading or listening.

Bonus #2: 3 months Erotic Freedom Club Membership (valued at $207)
Great for those who want to reap the benefits of tapping into a vibrant, respectful, mature and safe community. Who know’s, you might even find a great practice partner here or the next love of your life.

Bonus #3: 3 Pleasure Mastery Group Coaching Calls with Jaiya (valued at $1500)
Great for those you want direct access to Jaiya or want to learn by listening to her coach others, live.

Bonus #4:  Erotic Blueprint Immersions (valued at $396)
Great for those who love taking a deep dive and are needing to breakthrough so-called sexual compatibility and sexual disconnection issues.

Bonus #5: The Blueprint Stacking Class (valued at $197)
Great for those who want to know exactly what it takes to reach high states of arousal and orgasm. {This was one of my favourite classes!!}

Bonus #6: The Adventure Date Success System Handbook & Video Class (valued at $300)
Great for those who need to inject more creativity into date nights

Bonus #7: The Taoist Erotic Massage Training *NEW*
Great for those who want to learn a powerful tool for erotic expansion.

Bonus#8: 2 x Tickets to Your Path to Passion LIVE event in Los Angeles, 2018 *JUST ANNOUNCED* (valued at $1994)
Great for those who want an in-person live intensive experience with Jaiya herself at her signature event held in Los Angeles.

Psst…because I have an affiliate partnership with Jaiya I’m also able to offer additional bonuses to those who enrol using my unique link. 


Personally, I would recommend this program to those who are struggling with:

  • Low libido
  • Non-existent desire
  • Attraction issues
  • Arousal issues
  • Sexual compatibility
  • Sexual repression
  • Expressing one’s desires
  • Owning one’s sexuality
  • Feeling sexually shut down or blocked
  • Where to start their sexual awakening/healing journey

I would also recommend it to those who want to:

  • Have every aspect of their Erotic Self well fed and fulfilled
  • Re-ignite passion, attraction, and sexual desire
  • Connect more deeply with themselves and their lover(s)
  • Be heard, seen and felt without judgment and shame
  • And take their sex life to the next level

Please note, due to the explicit nature in one of the bonus live demonstrations, you must be 18+ to enrol in this course.

Why I HIGHLY recommend EBBC?

Because it’s the only online program I’ve come across that speaks to a wide range of audiences, regardless of gender, relationship status, sexual orientation, or sexual issues.

It also yields real results. I’ve seen this in my own life and in the lives of several others. I never get tired of hearing the transformational stories from those who’ve done this training, especially from those who had {almost} given up.

I also highly recommend EBBC because it delivers 3 things I believe we all need when exploring our sexuality:

(1) People need a map before embarking on this often mysterious and taboo journey. The EBBC provides that map. In fact, in my seven years of exploration, it’s the best map I’ve come across. Without this map, you’ll most likely continue feeling lost, overwhelmed, helpless and/or embarrassed.

(2) People also need to learn a new language, one that allows them to easily and freely explore all the possibilities. The EBBC teaches this language and breaks down many {if not all} communication barriers. Without this language, you’ll most likely continue feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, misunderstood, shamed, disconnected and/or shut down.

(3) And lastly, people need a guide. A highly reputable, experienced, empathic, dynamic and fun-loving guide. The EBBC gives you direct access to such a guide, one I fully trust and am proud to recommend to my LOVE SEX DESIRE community.

Her name is Jaiya, and she’s the creator of the EBBC. She’s also a best-selling author and award-winning somatic sexologist & sexological bodyworker with over twenty years experience who is very dedicated to helping you create the change you’ve been longing for.

Plus she’s a mum, in a long-term relationship, running her own business. In other words, she understands the juggle and yet, that’s never stopped her.


If you want both LOVE and DESIRE in a {healthy} relationship, then you need to understand that these needs are opposing in nature, and don’t play by the same rules.

Until you accept this, you’re probably going to drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out on your own. I suspect you’re also going to waste a lot of time and money falling down the rabbit hole of endless possibilities.

The EBBC is a great place to make sure you start your journey off facing the right direction. It’s also a great place for those who feel like they’ve already learned so much but have no idea how to pull it all together.

If you’re still unsure, then answer this simple question:

“Do you want to be fully expressed in your sexuality and have a sex life that is passionate, alive, nourishing and fun?

If the answer is no, then I have no idea why you’re here.

But if you said yes, then answer this next question:

“What’s the current status of your sex life? And how do you honestly feel about it?”

If your current reality is aligned with your ultimate vision, then the only reason you’d be enrolling in the course is because you simply want to become an erotic master or you work in the field and want to better serve your clients.

But if your current reality is not aligned with your greater vision, and you’ve still here reading this page, then it’s very likely enrolling in EBBC is the next right step for you.

So choose it.
Commit to it.

Don’t wait another year for things to “come around” because they won’t. If you really want this, then now’s a good time to start acting like it.

LASTLY, Is it worth the investment?

Hell yes. I believe it’s incredibly great value.

Plus, you have lifetime access.

Worst case scenario, Jaiya offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


Enrolments are now closed. 


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