Sex after trauma w/ Rachael Maddox.

“The world of sex can be intimidating in general, but if you’ve experienced sexual trauma, it can be downright terrifying.” ~ Rachael Maddox, Trauma Resolution Educator & Coach.

When it comes to sexual healing, there are many great access points to kickstart your journey.

Sometimes it’ll be in a one-on-one setting with a professional.

Other times it’ll be in a group setting as you sit in a women’s circle.

And sometimes, your journey will start the moment you pick up the right book or tune into the right podcast, at just the right time.

Sexual healing is a big topic, and it’s an even bigger topic right now with the recent explosion of #metoo, which is why I’m grateful to be joined today with trauma resolution educator, coach and guide, Rachael Maddox, to explore sex after trauma.

In this episode we discuss:

  • the inspiration behind Rachael’s latest book “Sex after trauma”
  • The importance of healers and doing the healing work
  • How to discover your inherent treatment plan
  • Understanding your personal pie chart of healthy needs
  • Why we have a hard time saying no
  • How to recognise the signs of sexual trauma
  • How to move through pain and access pleasure
  • Why the #metoo epidemic is waking up old trauma memories

…and so much more!

Click play to listen {1hr 11mins}

items mentioned in this episode

Sex After Trauma by Rachael Maddox

I hope this episode gave you the insight and inspiration to begin your own sexual healing journey.

Big Love

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