Season 4 – that’s a wrap!

Happy New Year!

I hope you’re all enjoying this festive season.

Personally, there’s been very little downtime for me as I’m about to spend this month traveling Australia and New Zealand for my 2018 Sacred Dance tour. Woot woot!!

Just this week I kicked off the first event here in my hometown, Noosa, on the first full moon of 2018. It was a very special night…and a little surreal realising that 10+ years ago I was teaching RPM classes in that same venue and living a radically different life to the one I’m living now.

It was definitely one of those full circle moments. A very happy full circle moment.

Anyway, I’m here today to let you know that season 4 is officially complete!

In case you missed an episode or you would love to have a quick reference to all twelve episodes check out the summary below.


  1. Are you prioritising pleasure or pursuing pleasure?
  2. Dating and sex: are you afraid of sending mixed signals?
  3. How to sustain sexual fulfillment and achieve erotic mastery with Jaiya
  4. How to have conversations that facilitate healing and growth with Dave McDermott
  5. Life purpose vs soul purpose with Belinda Davidson {part 1}
  6. Embodiment, shadow work and the white light with Belinda Davidson {part 2}
  7. Conscious celibacy: the best way to deal with a breakup
  8. Sex after trauma with Rachael Maddox
  9. 4 reasons you need more pleasure {spring reflections}
  10. 2 must do’s before planning your kick ass 2018
  11. How to open wide with Melissa Ambrosini
  12. How to heal vaginismus and liberate your sexuality with Elena Cholovsky

We covered lots of ground during season 4 and heard from 6 incredible special guests based in Australia, America and one Russian beauty living in Amsterdam.

If you want to find out when Season 5 begins and why I’m taking such a long break then tune into this mini-episode.

Click play to listen {5 mins}

Big Love


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